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Guess post on this blog has so many rules and you must adhere to it.

  1. Your piece needs to be WELL-WRITTEN. These means we need to model what good writing looks like, especially any guest posts we accept. If your writing is bad, or worse, is mediocre, we won’t accept it. We may send it back and let you try again, we may edit it, or we may just delete it. Your article must be at least 500 words before it will be put into consideration.
  2. No link building posts. Forget it if you're producing blog entries to attract backlinks to your website or business. We don't want to be included in one of Google's sweeps as they are taking action against that activity. That approach needs to be reconsidered because eventually it will hurt not only you but also the audience for your content.
  3. Your piece needs to be unique. What prevented the majority of people from guest posting? The same articles and infographics are repeatedly submitted to dozens of locations. We absolutely do not want reproductions or variations of already published content.
  4. We’re not interested if guest posting is your job. Here, we're going to act rudely. We're not interested if your job is to submit guest posts to a variety of blogs for SEO reasons. We wish to assist other businesspeople and authors. We are interested in hearing from thought leaders who are developing their own brands and companies as well as aspiring authors who are growing their portfolios. We're not interested if your primary responsibility is to create and post 10 to 15 articles per week on other blogs. At all. No, really, don't ask. (However, if you're a young or inexperienced writer and aren't sure whether you should send us something, we're curious. Totally. Please inquire, sincerely.)
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