How Smart Home Tech Can Improve Your Entertainment Experience

How Smart Home Tech Can Improve Your Entertainment Experience

The advancements recently made in home entertainment technology are breathtaking, and at the same time can be used much more easily than the entertainment systems used in previous generations. Yet there are still steps to take to perfect your home setup. The best option for most people is to incorporate smart home technology into your systems. Forget about smart entertainment systems, consider whole-home entertainment.

If you jumped in a time machine and ended up in a living room back in the early 2000s, you might find half a dozen remotes and numerous devices (a DVD player, older gaming console, A/V systems, VHS players, etc.). If you wanted to use a particular system, you might have to jump behind the TV to literally rewire it.

Those days are behind us, and often a smartphone is all that’s required to control every device in the home, if you’re willing to do some quick installations. With a few more things, you can take your experience one step further.
Let’s take a look at some ways home tech can improve home entertainment.

The Reality of a Whole Home Entertainment Setup

Home entertainment is no longer confined to the living room. Head into the kitchen and you might find an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker. With a device like this, you can listen to podcasts or music while preparing dinner.
What about other places in the home, even those not conducive to electronics? You can bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom to listen to something while you shower, out to the garden, or on the porch. If you don’t want to use voice commands, you can still use modern tablets and smartphones to control nearly everything about your home environment.

And naturally, you can bring entertainment into bedrooms and other rooms as well. High-quality screens and speakers are relatively cheap now, and using your smartphone and your home’s WiFi, you can access whatever you want, wherever you want.

A Hands-Free Smart Home Tech

Sometimes our hands are full and we want to set things up while we’re doing something like getting out of our work gear or taking in the groceries. Good thing you can use Amazon Alexa, Samsung’s Voice Control, Google Assistant and various other programs to turn the TV on, among other things.

While voice controls might have been (deservedly) the but of jokes a few years ago, now the technology has been refined enough to the degree that we can rely on them reasonably well and especially for just our entertainment needs. It’s still evolving but now it’s possible to order groceries and supplies, control speakers, TVs, and various other devices with voice commands through one of several different devices.

Now, you can catch up on the news or unwind to your favorite TV show even as you get stuff done around the house. The entirely of YouTube can be searched using only voice commands and confirmations, and your video played on your smart TV. You can even turn the temperature up if you have a smart thermostat in your home and don’t want to get out from under the blankets on your sofa.

As the Internet-of-Things Evolves, Home Entertainment Will Too

Everything mentioned is only the beginning. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly sophisticated, connected, and accurate at determining what the user wants, the Smart Home Tech entertainment experience only will as well. With the IoT and as a result smart home technology, ever more devices large and small will be connected to the Internet, creating shared experiences, generating data, and allowing for more remote control over our lives.
Right now, video games and movies still play out on the TV. As virtual reality (VR) advances, movies and videogames could soon be an even more immersive experience. What about augmented reality? We may soon be able to digitally modify our homes. These advanced technologies are just emerging but are already having an impact.


The future is hard to predict. Few people realized how much smartphones would change our lives when they were first developed. The IoT, VR, AR, improved voice recognition and network, and various other technologies will all change the way we enjoy home entertainment and lead our lives.

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