10+ Things You Didn't Know About the new Youtube Go App

10+ Things You Didn't Know About the new Youtube Go App

It is now no more news that the Youtube Go App is trending online and so Many people are downloading the app via Google play store. But little do they know what they can do with the app.

Below are the 10 things you need to know and do with the Youtube Go App.

1     Youtube Go has the Home Page and Download Page
2.    Home page contains list of trending videos and download page contains list of videos you have downloaded on your phone.
3.    You can search for any video online.
4.    With Youtube Go app on your phone, you can download almost any Video via the app.
5.       You can find the app online either on Playstore or via direct link download on some Websites/Blogs
6.       You can download Basic Quality of Smaller Mega Byte videos which are not in HD format.
7.       You can also download Standard Quality which has HD features and very large MegaByte.
8.       Not all Videos can be downloaded because some Vbloggers restricted their videos
9.       If you want to download restricted video, You will have to subscribe to their  youtube channel or contact the owner or admin of the youtube channel
10   So many Movie thrillers can be downloaded.
11.   If You don’t like some videos, you can delete it from trending videos.
12.   And so many more

In the setting part of the Youtube Go, we have:
  1. ·         Update App section:  helps to check if there is a new update for Youtube GO
  2. ·         Language section: can be used to change to different language to suit personal needs.
  3. ·         Video storage section:  which shows the amount of space that is available on your mobile device.
  4. ·         Notification section:  which is click to always update the videos daily.
  5. ·         Delete search history:  for history of videos that you have searched for.
  6. ·         Watched History: History of videos you have watched.
  7. ·         Sharing with nearby users is also available [Trial Mode]
  8. ·         Enable stats for nerds
  9. ·         About section which talks about App.
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