10 Things To Check While Choosing A Husband In Nigeria [Dating Tips For Nigerian Couples]

10 Things To Check While Choosing A Husband In Nigeria [Dating Tips For Nigerian Couples]

1. Am I a side-chick? Yes, dear ladies, you should ascertain your stance in the relationship so as to discover what really he sees you as.
2. What does he take me as? My dear, you might be an alternative to his boredom. Do check, check and check.
3. Is he ready? Is he, really? Does his readiness register in your IQ? Is he financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually ready? Or is he just trying to fulfil all righteousness, from maybe his family or likewise?
4. Are you ready? Suppose he is ready, are you, also? Are you looking up to married Amaka and also wants to be classified among the married? Are you jumping into marriage because of pressure? Maybe, because everyone is? Or perhaps, because you are of age? Don’t compromise your future with mere thoughts.
5. What does he do to earn a living? Dear dear, don’t let expensive gifts blind you as it may turn expensive poo. Check what he does for a living? Many ladies feel reluctant in this area. But I tell you dear, you are feeling reluctant for your future.
6. Where is he from? Does his people approve you? Do yours approve him? Do they? Check all these minors things to fuel your happiness, loveliest.
7. Does he love you? If you think it doesn’t matter, sooner or later, you will know it does.
8. Do you love him? Please, always marry who you love and who could catch a grenade for you.
9. Does he have what I call ‘marriage maturity? I mean, does he know what he is jumping into? Will he tomorrow turn you into a punching sack? Will he tomorrow throw you out of his house? Study him.
10. Is he a drunk? Does he flirt? What are his bad characters? Figure these out! A drunk will make a bad companion. A flirt will still look outside for other skirts.
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