How to make Payment On POS without ATM Using Sterling Ussd Codes

Do you know that you don't have to worry yourself about payment on POS again using your ATM card. Sterling bank just launched a new way of making payment without the use of Debit card.

Below is a few details you need to follow when using the Sterling bank codes for POS payment.

Steps to Make Payment on pOS with Sterling bank code

After picking all the Items you want to purchase at any store nation wide, follow these steps for pos payment.
  • Request for payment using POS via USSD
  • The Seller of merchant will have to operate the pos and click the option of ussd payment and and (refcode) Reference code will be given to you.
  • All you have to do is dial these code with *822*000*(RefCode)# with your registered mobile number.
  • After that, it will request for your transaction pin and ones you input your secret code (Pincodes)
  • Ones the transaction has showed you successful, there will be a print out from the POS.
Thats all.....

If you have any question or error from any of your transaction, please send in your comment for us to answer you.
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