Blind Scanning strong Decoder Made Eazy to get more fta channels

We will be talking about how you can blind Scan your strong decoder to get more exciting channels. Blind scanner a strong decoder is much easier these days but if you don’t follow these post carefully, you will not know about how to go about it.

Do you know that free to air channels are familiar with Mytv, multiTv, CTL and the very popular FTA viewers decoders.

Blind Scanning decoders: These can be done easily if you don’t know the exact frequency you want to use but if you have a strong signal, you will capture some channels using this technique.

If you follow the guidelines below you will be able to blind scan easily.

How to Blind scan your decoder

  • Go to menu
  • Click on installation and enter your pass key please note default passkey is 0000
  • Scrow down to blind scan and select intelsat or eutelsat .
  • Move your pointer to the right and select all types.
  • Start scanning.
  • Don’t forget all channels saves automatically.

How to scan Manually with Known frequencies

  • Press Menu and use the volume button to get to the right side.
  • Select the password and input your password or use the default passkey 0000.
  • Scroll down to manual scan and click ok
  • After that select the option for satellite names e.g Astra3a or 3b
  • Press the green button to add TP list or satellite codes
  • Type in the frequency codes like 12522 and scroll down
  • Enter symbol rate like 27000.
  • Use the right button to select either vertical or horizontal.
  • Scroll down to press ok to scan.
  • Close all and start viewing your channels.
  • Remember to cross-check the codes before Yu scan Manually.
If you get a message saying they you got insufficient transponder (TP) just know that you have generated alot and needs to delete some that are irrelevant because ones the memory is full, you won’t be able to add more.

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