How To Know If You Are Sexually Compatible (Relationship tips)

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Yesterday, I asked a question on my wall. The question said, “You don’t want to have sex but you want to know if you are sexually compatible with your partner to be to avoid stories that touch, how do you go about it?”

So, what I want to do in this post is to show you how to know if you are sexually compatible with your partner to be. This post is not for everyone. It’s for those that want to maintain sexual purity in their relationships but sincerely still want to know if they are sexually compatible.

As for those tasting the waters, I always warn that, you may get drown one day, if you don’t stop. Those sampling every guy or lady that comes their way to ascertain sexual compatibility, you’re likely to be used as an experiment if you don’t stop.

Having premarital sex because you want to know if you are sexually compatible with your partner is a lame excuse. There is another way to do that as well. Having sex when you are not married is totally wrong, your reason(s) whatsoever notwithstanding.

When it comes to the issue of marriage, compatibility is of great importance. According to a recent study, incompatibility is the leading cause of divorce globally. So, it’s important to be sure that you’re compatible with your partner to be.

There are many areas to check for compatibility, they are belief system, values, health, vision, dreams, aspirations, preferences, hobbies, interests, sex etc. It’s important to be compatible because compatibility is a vital key to marital success and fulfillment. Two cannot walk together except their is an agreement.

For lack of time and space, I will be focusing on sexual compatibility. What I intend to do here is to define what sexual compatibility is, its importance and then how to know if you are sexually compatible with your partner to be.

Compatibility is defined as having agreement. So, sexual compatibility is defined as having an agreement with your partner in sexual belief, desire(drive), fantasies, preferences etc.

Everyone of us has a sexual belief, desire, fantasies and preferences and it’s important to know what your partner own is. Sexual belief has to do with what you believe about sex in general, sexual desire or drive has to do with how much you desire sex, sexual fantasies has to do with those imaginations or ideas you have in your head about sex which you hope to explore and then sexual preferences has to do with choice you have over one particular type of sex to another.

Some people prefer anal sex(which I don’t support) to the normal sex, some prefer oral sex to the normal sex, some prefer romance to the actual sex. It’s important to know all these about your partner.

The importance of sexual compatibility cannot be over emphasized. See I cannot come and kill myself o. Sexual incompatibility has led the end of many marriages. Some people have become expert on cheating on their partners without leaving any trace because of lack of sexual compatibility.

Someone said, “Sex and being sexually compatible are crucial aspects of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. We can often underestimate how vital a part it plays, yet a mismatch in sexual compatibility is one of the most common causes of relationships ending.” Did you hear that?

Without sexual compatibility, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment becomes an illusion.

So, how do you know that you are sexually compatible with your partner without engaging in sex? Communication, that’s the answer.

You guys should sit down and talk, I suggest in an open place avoid temptation. Bring the matter to table and iron it out. Ask real questions, there’s nothing to be shy about, your sexual satisfaction and fulfillment depends on this. And more importantly, be truthful!

What are your sexual beliefs? What do believe about sex? Fun? Boring?

Do you like sex? How much? How often do you want it? Everyday like the man that said any day he doesn’t have sex, the world will end? Weekly? Monthly? Discuss it.

Some people don’t like sex at all and you that your libido is like a high tension wants to marry such a person and you didn’t check this out, what do you think will happen? I leave the answer to you.

What are you sexual preferences? What’s your view about anal sex? Oral sex? Romance? Is it only missionary you believe in? What about other styles? What are the things that you can and cannot allow during sex? This has to do with your sexual behavior. Discuss it.

What are those fantasies you have about sex? What about quickie in the kitchen, dinning, sitting room, car? Discuss it.

What about your penis? What’s it’s condition? How long is it? How big? Averagely, a normal penis when erected is around 5 to 6.5 inches.  Moreover, it’s not really about the size but the skillfulness of the wielder.

What about the vigina? What’s its condition? Loose? Tight? What about the depth?  Normally, the depth of a vigina is between 3.7 inches to 7 inches and it’s capable of increasing by 200 percent when aroused.

Normally, you may feel awkward asking about the size of a penis or the depth of a vigina, but those in medical field have ease the process which I have stated above.

With the answers you get from these questions and when you compare and contrast, provided that both of you are honest, transparent and truthful, you can ascertain if you guys are sexually compatible.

This process depends on transparency and honesty. So, you have got to be transparent and honest with your questions and answers. Your partner will eventually find out the truth and you may not like the outcome. It’s better to be truthful.

However, sexual incompatibility doesn’t have to end your marriage or relationship. Sex isn’t everything. You guys can reach a compromise. See, a doctor, a counselor or a therapist for solutions.

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