Sofa Live TV Apk App – Watch Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Free

Sofa Live TV Apk App

Live tv app have been used over the years for streaming movies but you must have a very fast internet service to be able to enjoy the movies.

Sofa live tv apk app is one of the newest and most efficient app that have been created to help movie lovers enjoy them-self with different type of movies trending, both old and latest movies.

Sofa Live TV Apk App

Movies show on SOFA TV APP
The sofa streaming app will showing only Hollywood and Bollywood movies for now as displayed in the picture above.

Features of the sofa tv app
Sofa tv app have latest AI for streaming and movies are upload in HD format for you.

1) Related movies
2) Trending Movies
3) Latest movies

Where can i get SOFA TV APP
To get the tv app, you can download it below;

Download Sofa Tv App

Download mirror 2

Download Mirror

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