Get Unlimited Data On Any Network Using Dent Android app

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About dent app

The name of this app is called DENT. Dent is not a browser. Dent helps you top-up data for a friend or family and also allow you earn free data of any network using the app.

How the dent app works

The dent app gives you 150MB worth of data on any network on first sign up. Actually, on first sign up, they will welcome you with 30 Dents, which you can withdraw as data worth 150 MB.

OS versions that can use the dent App

The app is available for Android v5+ users and also available in Nigeria, Mexico, United States and Brazil. More countries will be launched before the end of 2018.

What to Do when using the dent app

When using the DENT App you can top-up your own Mobile phone or your loved-ones from anywhere in the world.
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How to top-up with dent app

  1. Simply choose a contact, 
  2. select a top-up data amount 
  3. and Hit the send button.
  4. Very easy as that.

How to get more dents

You can redeem your Dents as data. You can buy Dents with PayPal or refer friends to earn more Dents. The more Dents you have, the more data you will redeem. Interesting right?
Get the dent app on google

How To Get Free Data Using Dent App

  1. First of all, Download Dent app here.
  2. Sign up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
  3. After successful signed up, you will be welcomed with 30 Dents worth 150 MB on any network.
  4. To redeem your Dents, just input your phone number into the "Send Data To" box.
  5. Finally, choose the data amount you want to redeem.
  6. That's all. Simple as that.

How to get More Dent for data

 You can get more Dents by referring your friends using your referral link.

Enjoy this free data app before it's too late. Please don't forget to leave a comment below and also share this post.

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