Download Trivia Crack Premium v3.192.0 APK (Paid/Patched)


Download Trivia Crack Premium v3.192.0 APK (Paid/Patched)
You want to test your brain’s thinking skills before you take on the riddles, or check out dozens of players around the world to see how smart you are? Come to Trivia Crack . It is a game that will help you to fulfill such a wish. This is a fun quiz game used on mobile phones. A simple interface, complex question system, especially complemented by social features, ensure that people are brought into a world full of wonderful experiences.

Useful support rights only

Not only that, but the game also gives him a useful advantage with his Power-Ups. If you get 2 questions wrong in a row, you can use a bomb to clear it and move on to the next spin. Also, with a double chance, you have the right to move on to the next question, so you don’t have to worry about getting the first question wrong. Also, if you face a question that exceeds the limit, tap Skip to move on to the next question. More helpful support awaits you.

The rules of the game that determine the winner

The game ends when both players complete his 25 rounds. The player with the most characters wins. But if your character maintains your and your opponent’s level on his 25 billionth round, the game asks challenging questions and the one with the correct answers wins. If the two players are tied again in this final series of questions, the right to win goes to the one who started the game.

Different game modes for every taste

Trivia Crack not only offers an online competitive mode, but also gives access to many other modes. Single player mode allows you to get all the high scores without waiting for anyone. Alternatively, those with a wealth of knowledge who easily pass the questions in the rest of the mode will immediately enter survival mode. This mode gives you more new experiences while challenging you with real-time non-stop questions.

Social features Connect to social networks

In addition to playing against random opponents automatically placed by the game, you can also invite your friends to play against you. The game can connect directly to social networks such as Facebook, so you can chat with them and discover information they have hidden for so long. You can also use this media to share your game progress and level reached.

Trivia Crack is an excellent puzzle game. The game has many questions in 6 areas with varying levels from easy to very difficult. If you want to challenge your intelligence and entertain your friends, try this.


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