Get Profile.dat DLS 22 Hack Dream League Soccer Kits 2023

Get Profile.dat DLS 22 Hack Dream League Soccer Kits 2023

DLS 22 Profile.dat 2022/2023 Hack is now helpful than before, let’s say you are playing Dream League Soccer 2022 Game Manager Mode (dls 22 hack profile dat file download) and you’ve been winning, but when it comes to online Multiplayer, you lose to your opponent due to their Player High ratings of 90-100. 

This is sometimes a result of the DLS 22 Game hack profile.dat file which comes with unlimited coins to upgrade your player ability, heal players, and buy highly rated players on Android. Let’s head to the Tutorial now.

DLS Cheats Pros (DLS 22/23 Profile Data Files)

This applies to dream league soccer games of 2019 and 2020, so I guess that question has been answered in advance for those who prefer the old version which has HD Graphics and good gameplay.

1. Build Dream Team Faster

Rather than waiting to get a new stadium each season of the division, i.e playing a division for over three times because you cannot get enough coins to upgrade the stadium, then you can build your team faster when using the dream league soccer hack. Players can now be upgraded, alongside their stamina which reduces when they have played several matches without being benched or when they are injured due to an intense foul against them while playing a match (doesn’t apply to red cards). The point is if you have tired players, you can heal them before partaking in a dream league online competition or challenge.

DLS Cheat can be helpful in building your dream team very fast as we have seen from the first sub-heading, so let us now see the second benefit.

2. Get Unlimited Coins/Money

Although personally, I do not prefer using this hack because I like building my team from scratch, you should take advantage of this now there is no fix to this bug. This cheat which contains unlimited coins means you have no need to pay virtually through the game to buy coins, and you do not need to watch an advertisement to get rewarded with Free DLS coins.

Dream League Soccer even has a new feature that lets you create your own player, this can be done when you have enough coins for that, with infinite coins, you can get access to it.

3. DLS Profile.dat Files

To be precise, these DLS Profile Data files are what delivers the dream league soccer 2020 cheats which contain all the coins and money, upgraded players, and improved stadiums.

Unlimited coins are in the DLS profile.dat file, all other files located outside the profile data files are images and kits which are just right outside DLS 2020 Data Files.

4. Upgraded Player Star Ratings

Ratings can be done by you now it has been made possible through the unlimited money with the DLS Profile Data File. Make sure you also train your players in their ability to score, pass, shoot, accurately, heading, defending, and also your goalkeeper. If you need new skills being done accurately by your players, like the Rainbow Flick skill Neymar does, then your player rating has to be high or they will misplace the ball while trying to perform that trick.

Ronaldo Chop will be made easy when a player’s ability has been improved to 98-100%. Players will be faster and capable of enduring tackles by positions, the best part is they automatically jump sliding tackles and their Free kicks have a higher chance of hitting the target.

5. Match Quitting/Poor Connection

When you have good players, you tend to score first which reduces the risk of losing a match due to the opponent forfeiting the match to get a higher advantage of not losing the match. Another avoidable issue is a poor internet connection, score enough goals, and then even if the match ends, you still win the match.

6. Stadiums

Dream League Soccer default stadiums will be changed to another color that the DLS profile.dat file provided. Instead of using the normal ash roof stadium, you will see the color has been changed to blue or red, e.t.c

In addition, the pitch i.e grass is in High Definition (HD), this increases smooth gameplay and addictive football. There are more pitch designs to choose from, you just have to check out all that is available and see which you love.

DLS 22 Profile dat Download (Profile Files)

2.5Million Coins, 100% Upgraded Player rating, New Player Card – Gold, Silver are intact in the dream league soccer unlimited coins hack profile.dat files, so downloading the latest version of this, will give you access to these.

You can still make use of your current DLS 2020 OBB and DATA File, including its APK without deleting it and re-installing it. All you need to delete is the Profile.dat file from the Android > OBB > com.dls3 folder then replaces the current profile data files with the newly downloaded one. The file is just in kilobytes, not even up a 1MB.

Random players will be given to you once you add the file, but not too random, you will get players like Pogba, Sanchez e.t.c in 100% star rating without purchasing them. But you will still be with the new DLS 1, 000,000,000 coins which can be used to purchase new players who need to be added t your team. If your team squad is filled up, you can always sell off players no needed to get a new replacement.

There are three Profile.dat file download links, each has its number of coins you can receive, so choose any you feel is enough for your quest.

– DLS profile.dat Download with 2,500,000 coins (32.61KB).

– DLS profile.dat file Download for DLS 1,000,000,000 coins (65.7KB).
>> change the language of 1 Billion Coins to English by going to settings > language

– profile.dat dls 19 20 hack download 18 million coins (32.61KB)

After downloading any profile data file, you now need to install it on your Android Phone, this method is not technical, it is easy to implement, so follow the tutorial to Install profile.dat in Dream League Soccer 2020.

Installation Guide of Profile.Dat DLS 19

1. Install DLS 19 or DLS 20 Apk on your Android Phone.
2. Download any Profile.dat files from the three links provided above.
3. Head to the automatically created First Touch Folder via Android > Data > com.firsttouchgames-dls3 > Files.
4. Paste the newly downloaded Profile.dat on Files, delete the old one so you can see the new changes.
5. Now Open DLS and you will see all the new changes mentioned on DLS Cheats Pros Heading in this post. It includes Unlimited Money or Coins, the Latest transfer, and a new cloured pitch and stadium.

Installation Guide of Profile.Dat DLS 22

1. First install the APK of Dream League Soccer 2022 (DLS 22) on your android device
2. Click any of the three links provided above to download the profile.dat file hack of your choice
3. Go to the created First Touch Folder on your Android > select Data > com.first touch games-dls3 > Files
4. Paste the just downloaded profile.dat on “Files”, then delete the old one
5. Open DLS to see the changes that have taken place.

Get Full Free 99999999 Coins and Diamonds in DLS 22 Mod Profile dat Download


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