First Country on planet earth Has Moved Into 2022

First Country on planet earth Has Moved Into 2022

while some countries and their citizens are preparing for a night with friends and family to welcome in the new year, some places are already celebrating.

with countries all across the globe all on different time zones, there are many places ahead of the uk when it comes to counting down and entering 2022.

The first countries to mark the new year is Kiribati, also known as Christmas Island, and at 10:01am (GMT) the time on the independent island nation was 00:01 1 January 2022.

Happy New Year, to the people of Kiribati - Christmas island.

This will spark off a day full of New Year celebrations with New Zealand only an hour later at 11am GMT.

Much of Australia will follow suit at 1pm with other regions of the country following behind.

Japan and South Korea will celebrate when it's 3pm in the UK with China and the Philippines entering the New Year at 4pm (GMT).

India and Sri Lanka will be celebrating at 6:30pm and Pakistan 30 minutes later.

Much of Europe will start to get ready for the New Year from 10pm onwards with Greece, Germany, Spain, France all somewhere between 10pm and 11pm.

Of course we will countdown for 00:00 while some parts of the world are still waiting.

Those in Brazil and Argentina will wait until 3am (GMT) for the clock to turn 00:00 and other regions of the US will follow from there until what will be tomorrow morning for us.

There are restrictions in many parts of the world meaning that things might not be as wild as usual (well two years ago and beyond kind of wild).

Due to COVID-19 omicron on the high side, many will not be able to party or hug or kiss 😘 themselves happy new year.

Happy new year (2022) from Peter Odibo's Blog


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