How to Register, fund, withdraw from your account - Payeer Nigeria


How to Register, fund, withdraw from your account - Payeer Nigeria
Todays post we will be talking about Payeer account systems for transfer, deposit of funds and you can also use it to purchase crypto.

Payeer as you know is supports so many fiat currency and crypto funding platform, most popular on the webpage is the cypto tabs for all forms of crpto you want to invest in.

See some details below that can help you get started while you register with peyer

What is Payeer?

Payeer is an online payment system which allows people to pay and receive money to anybody in any place of the world. It is said to be an e-wallet or a digital wallet which is used, controlled, handled and managed like a bank account. All activities done with Payeer is done online, the money transferred and received is not in physical cash but its a form of a digital exchange since it is done online with the use of the internet.

Why Do You Need Payeer?

There are so many benefits, advantages and gains which awaits people with payeer account. Some of the benefits include;

Being able to send money anywhere without restrictions.

Being able to pay and deposit money for online businesses.

Being able to buy goods and items from digital stores and e-commerce websites with payeer.

Being able to use it as a payment gateway for receiving money from customers on your merchant and e-commerce website.

Receiving payments from affiliates companies in a few minutes.

Can be used as a payment alternative for PayPal banned and restricted countries.

Why You Should Have A Payeer Account

  • Payeer has a good customer care support
  • Payeer is regulated by the National Bank of Georgia and has offices in Georgia and Scotland
  • Payeer does not restrict of discriminate Nigerians. It accepts Nigerians to make use of its services and tools.
  • Payeer offers various forms of deposit and withdrawal.
  • Payeer can be used to make payment worldwide.

How To Register a Payeer Account

Registering a Payeer account is simple and fast. It only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is to visit the website at At the top is a sign up button, click the button, fill in the registration with your details.

How To Deposit and Withdraw on your Payeer Account

We are glad to inform you that MyTopExchange now support the Payeer online payment system, buying and selling of Payeer funds through our website is possible. Inside your MyTopExchange dashboard, you can use your ATM card or USSD transfer to instantly fund your Payeer account within seconds. You can also sell your Payeer funds at MyTopExchange, and receive payment automatically credited to your bank account within 10 seconds.

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