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How To Subscribe GOTV on Your Phone and PDAs Via GlobalPay Service

Sometime ago we talked about how to subscribe to GOTV on some on some bank mobile app. I use Gtbank Mobile app to help people subscrive to every satellite and streaming platforms.

Mind you you can also use apps like Opay, and so on to do the same thing but the difference between them is the charges.

 Today we are going to be talking about global services

This self service can be done by anyone but if your not really familiar with this , you can contact some service centers who will sell there services for a little fee to help you get your Gotv running again.
If you want to avaid paying fees follow this steps all it needs is your internet services.

How To Subscribe GOTV on Your Phone and PDAs Via GlobalPay Service

Similar to the PayU service, GlobalPay is another payment service GOTV supports. As a matter of fact, there is a portal on the GOTV website to make payments using this service. The steps to using GlobalPay to pay for your GOTV subscription fee are listed below

  • Logon to Eazy.gotvafrica.com via a browser on your phone
  • Input your details
  • Click on the GlobalPay logo
  • Input your credit card
  • Click the Pay button to complete payment

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