Subscribe Glo Sunday Data to Watch Live Mass & Sunday service

Subscribe Glo Sunday Data to Watch Live Mass & Sunday service

Do you know that you can stream Live Mass & Sunday service hosted in your church via your phone using the glo sundat data plan services that was introduced some days ago. The Lagos state government and other governors aroung Nigeria has warned its citizens to stay at home for fear of spread of coronavirus in our country.

I will like to share with you the sunday data plan that was introduced by GLO itself to help citizen never miss there sunday services via different streaming platforms.

Major Platforms use For streaming Mass/services are Listed Below;

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagrams
  4. zooms

You can download this app via the google play app or Apple store.

Their are other platforms used but that can be checked via your church social media page.

How to get the glo sunday data plan for live mass & sunday service.

  • Click here to get the information about the GLO sunday data Plan
  • The subscription is N200 and it gives you 1.2gig data which is enough to stream a live mass or service
  • The plan only last for 24hrs

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Note: You can use the data plan for other purposes like;

  • Social media visits; Facebook, twitter, and so on to get updates on covid-19.
  • Regular news updates to know what is going on around the world.
  • You can also use it to download music and videos so that you wont be bored at home.
  • and so on.

Platform and links to stream live mass and sunday services;

Please note that what i might be posting might not be accurately correct so use your church social media platforms to get there streaming platforms,

  1. For catholics you can just go on youtube and search for MASS and you will see many Catholic church streams
  2. You can also do the same for other churches too. all you need do is type either your church full names or its abbreviations.
  3. Happy streaming.

Thank you for reading these post, kindly share with others.

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