How to become a whatsapp group admin in Few Steps

How to become a whatsapp group admin in Few Steps

I believe anything is possible when these comes to your mind on how to make yourself a whatsapp group admin but it is cool finding your group admin’s weakest links, overturning them Coup-style. But this seems impractical and a way too long a procedure involving planning and executing, which can sometimes backfire and get you a treasonous badge – removal from the group.

But you would need some basic coding knowledge, or at least binary numbers knowledge for this but i wont wanna go there cos it might be hectic for you. but follow this steps carefully.

  • Your first step is to get to the group you wish to be an admin on.
  • Copy your admin’s number in however format it is (international or local standard). It is much easier to use the local format starting with a zero.

Eg. 0702 342 000 (Not original)

  • Nigerian format has 11 digits excluding the country’s code.
  • So, what you need to do is to convert the group admin phone number to binary numbers.
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  • When you are done doing so, you will need to create a message with binary conversation.

Eg. a number 0702 342 000 would be 0000011101110010001101000010000000000000

  • You can do this on your phone’s notepad.
  • Now copy down this format:

“cng=true?=[admin’s number in binary]! [Your Number]&[802]ste5%Set.content?/ rfd=gv”

  • Type down and replace where it says [admin’s number in binary] [your number]
  • So your formart would be like this:

“cng=true?=[0000011101110010001101000010000000000000]! [100100010000000000000000000000000000000000000000]&[802]ste5%Set.content?/ rfd=gv”

  • Copy and paste your text on the group you wish to make yourself an admin on and then send this message to the WhatsApp group.
  • When you are done, you will need to delete and uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.

After you have Unistalled WhatsApp, reinstall it and VIOLAA! You have made yourself an admin of the WhatsApp group!

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