How Virtual Executive Assistant Help The Corporate World

Most people believe virtual assistants are for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is far from the truth. Virtual assistants play a significant role in promoting the efficiency of business operations. Corporate firms and business executives are turning to VAs because it makes great sense. Read on to discover how corporations and executives benefit from services offered by virtual assistants.

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What virtual assistants do for corporate companies?

Administrative support
Employees in corporate companies spend a valuable amount of time handling low-value tasks. This deprives them of time they would have used to engage in tasks that are more productive. Employing virtual assistants offers proactive administrative support for tasks such as read and respond to emails. With this support, company executives get ample time to focus on core business tasks. This boosts productivity in the company for an improvement on the bottom line.

Lowers recruitment and training costs
Getting staff to handle administrative tasks takes a long recruitment process. In addition, this comes with various costs including training the new hires. Hiring and onboarding new talent traditionally take a minimum of about 43 days. In the virtual sphere, this can take just about 3 days. Therefore, large corporations are reducing various costs including recruitment, salary, training, and management when they hire virtual executive assistants.

Flexibility and ready cover
With a virtualexecutive assistant , companies only pay for hours they need assistance. Virtual assistants are highly responsive to workload fluctuations. Companies hire them when workloads increase and the can handle tasks for more than one executive in the company. Additionally, VAs from a reputable agency are always there to hold your back.  You always have peace of mind that there is a backup team to step in when your staff takes leave to keep productivity high in your company.

No need for extra space
Office space is a very big issue for big corporations. Keep in mind that rental prices are always soaring eating into the company profits. With space at a premium price, getting an extra team that requires space is a big cost to any company. Not only that, the new team will need appropriate furniture, equipment, and set up costs. Fortunately, hiring virtual executive assistants eliminates the need for extra space since VAs work remotely. 

When company executives rely on in-house assistants, there is reliance on the abilities of a single person. However, virtual assistants come with diversified skills. Company executives benefit from the multi-skills of the VAs. Access to various skills allows smooth running of operations since the executives won’t have to request for assistance with other skills.

What virtual assistants do for business executives?

Access to a trusted partner
Small business owners use virtual assistants to replace full-time employees just like large corporations. The virtual team performs at full capacity without high maintenance costs. You can always delegate various tasks to the VA to focus on core businessfunctions. This saves you the stress of handling low-value tasks that eat up a significant amount of your time. A virtual assistant is a trusted partner to keep your running smoothly at a small budget.

Initiative to move ahead
Large corporations have a hierarchy with responsibility progressing in an orderly manner. Even mid-level executives turn to virtual assistants for relief to more ahead in their career. You always have someone to handle non-critical tasks to free up your time. This allows focusing on core business facts to allow making a bigger impact.

Encourages efficiency
Every business today is going green including executives. Nothing beats remote assistance when it comes to promoting efficiency. When you hire a virtual assistant, there is no need for more equipment, floor space, and other related costs. Virtual executive assistances work remotely but efficiently to keep your business processes runningsmoothly . This is a cost-efficient model since your energy bill is low without extra use.

Frees uptime
Sometimes work can become overwhelming for business executives. This is especially true when having a pending deadline. In the end, you are likely to burn out. However, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you with some tasks to keep you going. The VA works remotely so you don’t have to worry about additional costs. You can focus on other tasks as the virtual assistant handles trivial ones.
Luckily, VAs come with appropriate training and experience backed by a host of skills to make your life easier. Even when planning to go on holiday or sick leave, you can rest assured that the virtual assistant will handle all your tasks in the right manner. This offers a chance to enjoy work-life balance.

Virtual assistants offer valuable assistance to support the corporate world. Corporations and business executives can make use of their services to keep operations running smoothly. You can always have peace of mind that there is someone to handle all administrative tasks. This allows focusing on core business tasks to boost productivity.

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