How to Play Ps4 Games on Your Android Phone – follow these analystic steps

How to Play Ps4 Games on Your Android Phone - follow these analystic steps

It’s such an innovative idea to play ps4 games on my android devices but many Android users don’t know how to go about it. These features have been on android since 2004 but it was limited to only Sony Android phones, but now it can now be played on almost all android devices thanks to play station games developers.

These post here will be detailed on how you can use the Playstation 4 remote control apk app which is now available on Google play store for download. These features for all android phone users was released these year and we have been able to gather information about
Sony ps4 control tech.

Important Requirements

First of all, let’s organize the requirements you will need to play PS4 games on Android which are:
  • A Sony’s PlayStation 4 Console
  • A PSN account
  • A smartphone with proper specifications
  • Modded Remote Play App
  • DualShock 4

Where can I download ps4 console

You can download the latest version of ps4 console using the links below;

Link 1

Link 2

Google play store : download here.

How to set up Play ps4 games remote play on Android

Hello audience, ones you have downloaded the app, install it and follow this steps.

  • Install app and if it is not installing, go to your phone settings and change installation to unknown source and re-install again.
  • Open the app and register or log in your psn account.
  • Go to settings and connect your device.
  • Remember you can only do these in streaming mod which means internet must be available.
  • Ones it’s connected, you can start playing your game from anywhere you are.
The other two ways you can also connect your phone is through the use of Bluetooth and USB otg devices.

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