How To Reset Windows 7/8/10 Password Incase You Forget It

Let’s just admit it, it happened to all of us when we sit down on our laptop or computer, turn it on to get some unfinished work done and entered the password. But suddenly it started showing INCORRECT PASSWORD! So, you checked every last piece of details on your drawer and text files but still no password seem to work anymore. Well, the worst news is that you have reached an ugly impact where you can finally accept that you no longer remember your password.

This can be a furious and despondent situation especially if you wanted to use your computer for some emergency task. In addition, without entering the correct password, you won’t be able to access any data contained inside your system. So, you must be wondering what to do now and how to bypass Windows 7/8/10 password.

The good news is that it is possible to reset your Windows computer login password and in this comprehensive guide, we are going to demonstrate 3 amazing ways to accomplish that.

Solution #1: Format and Re-install Windows again

So, this is one of the easiest solutions but does come with a huge drawback. If you choose to format your primary disk and re-install Windows then remember that it will indeed get rid of the password from your system but at the time you will have to say good bye to all of your precious data inside your PC. So, this part is only recommended if you have no regret losing any data.

Step 1. Insert the Windows bootable disc on your computer and restart it.

Step 2. Windows will load its files automatically upon startup and a new installation window will appear.

Step 3. Click on “Install Now” and customize the settings according to your requirement.

Step 4. Finally format the PC and re-install Windows in your drive and the password will be automatically removed.

Cons –
  • All data from your primary disk will be permanently removed.
  • Frequent Windows installation will cause data scratch.

Solution #2: Reset Windows 7/8/10 password from Guest account

If you have setup a guest account for your computer then changing password of your main account will be incredibly easy if you could simply follow these below steps –

Step 1. First turn on your computer and enter into your PC via guest account. Usually guest accounts do not require any password to sign in.

Step 2. Right-click on “My Computer” and click on “Manage” to open the computer management application.

Step 3. Select “Local Users and Groups” from the left sidebar option and then click on “Users”.

Step 4. It will show all the accounts registered on your computer. Simply right-click on the account that is currently locked and choose “Set Password”. Enter the password twice and apply the changes.

Now reboot your PC and you should be able to logon using the new password.

Cons –
  • Only works if the guest account has administrator privileges.
  • Guest accounts must be registered before you forgot the password.

Solution #3: Reset Windows Login Password with Password Recovery Utility

Since, the above mentioned methods has huge limitations, there’s a rare chance of getting your computer unlocked with them. But, stop worrying because we are saving the best solution at the last. In this final part, we will be showing you show to reset any Windows computer password with Windows password recovery utility.

iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro is a remarkable and innovative solution to reset and bypass Windows sign in password independently. It can reset any length of password without re-installing Windows or formatting the computer. It can totally remove the password protection from your PC making it easier to logon without any password at all. It is totally compatible with every Windows version including Windows 7/8/10 and other Windows versions such as XP, Vista, 95/98/2000.

It can unlock all 4 types of accounts such as administrator, Microsoft, root and domain profiles. It works excellently with over 7000+ desktop and laptop brands like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Acer and so on.

Let me show you how to create a password reset disk in 2 ways with iSeePassword program and use it to unlock your Windows PC.

Step 1. Grab a distinct accessible computer and install Windows password recovery tool in it. Next, open the tool and insert a blank CD/DVD or flash drive to your computer.

Step 2. Create a password reset disk by clicking on “Burn USB” if you are using a flash drive and “Burn CD/DVD” if you are using a compact disc. It will take few minutes but when it’s done, you will see the following screenshot –

Step 3. Pull out the password reset disk and insert it on your protected PC. Boot from it and wait for the password recovery tool to appear on the screen. Now, choose the Windows version that you are using and pick the username that is currently locked out. Next, hit the “Reset Password” button and restart your PC.

CHA-CHANGG!!! Password is completely gone from your PC. Now enjoy and use your PC normally.
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