WhatsApp is Specifically building a PC version that works without phone

According to TMZ update on the new whatsapp updates, the articles tells us that whatsapp will be releasing a new version for PC/Desktop that will no longer require your phone to be connected to the internet.
In 2015, WhatsApp released a web version that mirrored the conversation from the mobile app. To use it, though, you still needed to have your phone connected to the internet. But that might soon change.
Reliable WhatsApp leaker account WABetaInfo tweeted the company might be developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app along with a new multi-platform system that will work even when your phone’s off.



And yes, in according to my rumor, UWP + the new multi platform system = you can use WhatsApp UWP on your PC if your phone (Android, iOS or Windows Phone) is off. https://twitter.com/wabetainfo/status/1154548794849034241 
📝 WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new?
‘Save Profile Picture’ 3D Touch shortcut removed (after my post 😅), ‘Quick Edit Media’ enabled, ‘Pinned Alert for issues’.https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-beta-for-ios-2-19-80-16-whats-new/ …News for WhatsApp Business for iOS too, including a rumor: multi platform system!



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Happy moments as whatsapp users around the world for these new update.

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