15 interesting facts about Finland’s Educational System.

I was just researching the best educational systems in the world and Finland came top of the list.

Now what really makes them the best? Here are 15 interesting facts about Finland’s Educational System.

1. They don’t go to school until they turn 7

2. No, standardized test and no examination till the end of high school (Secondary school o)

3. They believe in Equality

4. No Homework

5. 20 Hours a Week School Time

6. Average time spent in School Day is three to four hours

7. Being a Teacher In Finland Is Very Difficult

8. Teachers get the same respect as Lawyers And Doctors

9. Every Finnish Student Speaks More Than 2 Languages

10. No Private Schools

11. Finnish Teachers Are Concerned With The Happiness Of Their Students

12. Finnish Education System Discovers Passion Of Their Students

13. Every School Is Same In Finland Whether It Is Situated In City Or Outside City

14. In School, They Learn Poetry, Music , Sport, Cooking And Industrial Works

15. Finnish students are allowed to choose their future.

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