NYSC Alawee Increament – What Fed Govt is Doing (30k)

i served during the 2016 session of NYSC, i even served in a better location ”Lagos state” am not boasting but am just gonna say whats up about what these alawee Increament means to all corp member. 

The honorable Minister for Finance Mrs Armed Zakari, said that National Youth Service Corps, NYSC members will now earn same minimum wage as normal workers do.

Zainab Ahmed, speaking on Thursday, said “We have looked at the report and what we are working on now is how we can finance it.

Apart from the increase of the minimum wage from N18,000 to N30,000, there is also a consequential adjustment that we have to negotiate with the labour unions,” she said.
“The total implication of that would be worked out only after the negotiations and that would involve determining how much increase every other employee above the minimum wage would get.
“It could be a flat amount or a proportion, but the other aspect that is clear is that there would be an increase for the National Youth Service Corps as well because, by the Act, they should earn at least the minimum wage and the NYSC also has to increase to that N30, 000.
“So, because we have not done the negotiation with labour, I cannot give you the details of what we are projecting because it is simply on projections.”
Mrs Armed also announced that a sum of N649.43bn would be distributed to state governments as the final refund for the Paris Club debt.

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