How To Choose A Best Cameras Under $300? 5 Questions Before Buying

Buying a camera is not an easy task. There are a multitude of models on the market at very different prices, especially since each camera has its own characteristics. How do I know which is the best point and shoot camera under $300’ that suits my needs? We have gathered for you the five main things to know before buying a camera. There are several models in line with the different needs of individuals and professionals. The secret is to know your needs because it is the answer to this question will guide your choice towards a model over another.

Before you cross the doors of a store or access a website that sells cameras online, ask yourself five key questions that will allow you to remove one by one the various proposed models and target your choice.

1) Is the size of my camera important?

The size of a camera is an important element to consider before buying. Small cameras are lighter, more convenient and less cumbersome than those with a large lens. Professional cameras incorporate a lot of great options but are less portable. Nowadays, small cameras are able to record videos that professional cameras could not record a few years ago. If you are an amateur and want to save your vacation, you will probably opt for one of the smaller models available on the market. If size and weight do not matter to you, question 2 is your next step

2) A CAMERA Automatic or manual?

Some people like to configure their camera and discover the multitude of options available, others prefer to press “play” and let their camera work in their place . Knowing if you prefer to control your camera or give it that freedom will help you in your choice. If you want to zoom in as you like or configure the sound precisely, you can focus on the models that will allow you to do these tasks. Conversely, if you prefer a camera that can do all of this on its own, you’ll look for an automatic model.

3) Is the RECORDING CAMERA format important?

One of the important features you need to consider is the recording format . The format does not seem important at first glance when recording a video, but when it comes to transferring our videos to our computer or other media, we understand how important this aspect is. Some models record on tape, but most cameras nowadays record on a card or on an integrated hard disk that cannot be removed from the camera. Once again, your preference will be decisive in your choice. Think carefully about convenience, storage, compatibility and availability. The tape recording is more reassuring for computer novices who do not want to know anything about computers, but it is not always easy to find a store to buy a cassette. And if your band fills up in the middle of your vacation, you might regret not having a digital model. So weigh the pros and the cons before you decide.

4) Is the sound of the CAMERA so important?

The ability to connect an external Microphones to your camera is a major advantage that you should also consider when buying your camera, especially if you intend to use it professionally. Sometimes you may need to record an interview, a concert or a big event for a production job. Better in this case can connect a microphone to get the best sound. In most cases, it is better to choose a camera with a microphone connection, although the microphone jack is another possibility. That said, cameras that have a microphone jack often require the use of an adapter to connect a professional microphone.

Professional cameras are usually equipped with XLR audio connections. Another element to consider is the ability to adjust the volume and up to what level. On some models, the sound is adjusted by turning a volume knob (much like stereo systems) while on other models, just press a key to increase or decrease the volume. Manual or digital, adjusting the volume can be important, especially if you attach a particular importance to the sound of your videos. Therefore, do not forget to think about this aspect before you decide.

5) Which lens to choose FOR MY CAMERA?

Some people love long lenses (Long Focal), they like to play with zoom and depth. It is true that some artistic videos are possible only with the help of a very good objective. The quality of the lens is very variable and you will find on the market a very wide range. Most models have an integrated lens attached to the camera. Of these, some are plastic and have a very limited zoom, while others designed for professionals are really effective. There are cameras that have interchangeable lenses. These models represent a small part of the market, they are cameras of very high quality. These devices are reserved for those who want the best in control and image quality.

These five questions should help you identify your needs before buying the best point and shoot camera under $300. If you know clearly what kind of video you want to record, which options are important to you and which of you or your camera will take control of the operations, you will gradually eliminate some camera models and get closer to the one that is made for you. When your selection concerns only a few models, all you have to do is study them one by one to discover the lucky winner.

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