How to Activate the newly Improved Prepared Meter after Installation

I guess we all are aware of the distribution and installation of prepared meter that has been going on for some time now.

The picture above show the recent prepared meter that is been distributed to locations where the is direct connection to the electrical pole. in these post we are gonna be talking about two things listed below;
  1. Why FG is installing prepare meters
  2. Installation of Prepared meters
  3. How to activate prepare meter.
  4. How to use prepared meters effectively

Why FG is Installing prepare meter device

The new law in Nigeria Electrical distribution has contracted the manufacturers of the prepared meter to begin distributions of device to all locations in across the country. You may ask why these is happening at these time of the year? Yes it is a good thing to do because at the initial stage we all pay for direct connect to the grid but without government remitting what the consumers actually use in there respective homes.

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If you look at the defunct PHCN, many consumers do not pay the actual amount of what they use and there by leaving the government to send an estimated bill to each consumers and with these all consumers are finding it very difficult to pay their bills.

So the best way Federal government can remit there payment is to introduce the Prepare meter policy which is been practiced at the moment.

Installations of Prepare meter device

These is to notify the public that the prepared meter been installed now is free and no payment is incurred on the installation.

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The only thing you will be asked to do is buy new wire which will work effectively with the electrical device. 

What you need to know is that the amount been share per house is Three (3) units per bungalow and if you have more than a storey building, you will get more. 
so thats all about installation.

How to activate prepare meter device

When the device has been fully installed, what else will i do? that is a nice question for the Gods to answer but it is very easy.
What you need to do is visit your EKEDC or IKEDC or which ever is serving your location and present them with the details below:
  • Meter Card
  • Form of identification (Voters card, National id card, International card and so on)
  • And any Utility Bill (These displays your address)
Ones you get there, you go straight to the customer care unit and you will fill a form and thats all.
For you to know that your meter has been activated, all you will see is an sms with your activation code from your business district servers.

How to use the Meter Effectively

For the newly installed meter device, you can follow the steps below to be able to use the prepare meter effectively without spending much of your money on bills.

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Use limited devices which does not consume much light. Don't use devices like
  •  (Air conditioning unit all day, 
  • Don't switch your Refrigerator on all day, 
  • Use fan when necessary
  • Use light when necessary
  • Iron your clothes very fast without much delay
  • Don't use hot plate for cooking for too long.
If you can adhere to these i believe you will not spend much money on electrical bills.

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