codes to buy 3rd party card for motor insurance & more

codes to buy 3rd party card for motor insurance & more

As banking is going digital with the invention of Uba Leo whatsapp, Sunu insurance has come up with there own mobile codes to purchase 3rd party insurance card with your mobile device.

With the new sunu ussd mobile insurance code *931*11#, you can do your third party insurance within five (5) minutes. No need to visit your the company outlet again for your motor insurance.

Using the SUNU ussd Mobile Insurance codes

What you can do with the third party codes  are listed below;

  1. 3rd party motor insurance
  2. Referral reg
  3. check referral codes
  4. claims and
  5. Terms

Benefit of using the sunu ussd codes

For the SUNU insurance 3rd party codes, below are some benefits;
  • No need to go to the office to purchase the card.
  • No need to deal with any insurance agent.
  • No need to be sending un-necessary pictures and so on.
  • No need for internet services or data purchase.
  • No need to stress yourself with network wahala.
As you all know the stress of getting things done in the insurance company these days with long queues, network wahala due to uploading of some documents and so on, so we at peter odibo,s have deem it nice to give our audience in Nigeria the newest and best info on how to get third party using the mobile codes.

The steps to follow are listed below;

  1. Dial *931*11# on your registered mobile,
  2. click the 3rd party by pressing 1 and continue,
  3. Input your vehicle number,
  4. Follow the prompt and fill in every details required.
  5. Put in your bank details,
  6. Thats all.
Incase you did not get the process, you can send in your comments below for use to help you out.

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