(2018 mtn cheat) MTN 0.0kobo Free Browsing Cheat 4 XP Psiphon VPN

Hope you guys are enjoying the mtn mpulse cheat and (2018 mtn cheat)  MTN 0.0kobo Free Browsing Cheat 4 XP Psiphon VPN is here for you to browse more at zero kobo.

Free Browsing Cheat For XP Psiphon VPN 2018 Requirement

  1. An Android phone 
  2. MTN 3G or 4G sim 
  3. MTN sim without data 
  4. XP Psiphon VPN Latest – Download here
  5. XP Psiphon config file – Download here .

How to set up the Free Browsing Cheat For XP Psiphon VPN 2018

Like I said earlier, this config file doesn’t have expiring date and it’s fast. Also note that this MTN 0.0k cheat is limited to 1GB daily .
> After downloading the XP Psiphon app, install it, and as well download the config file above.
> Open XP Psiphon app, tap on the three dots at the top-right corner > Config > Import. Then import the config. It will request for password, input
> Now, select USA server and connect. It will connect within 30 seconds.
IMPORTANT NOTE::: If your XP Psiphon VPN is not importing the file, kindly go to your phone settings, click app, click xp psiphon app, under permission, click storage..
Go back and re-import the config file.

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