5+ Important things you should avoid in Your Relationship

Many couples break up because they can’t admit their mistakes and they keep fighting until one of the partners wins the game. If you are trying to save your relationship or just make it a bit happier, here are seven things you and your partner should avoid doing in your relationship.

1. Stop suspecting

It`s good to keep in touch all the time, but don`t go too far. A relationship is all about trust, so you should keep in mind that you`re his beloved and he isn`t going to cheat on you. Therefore, you shouldn`t call him every time you have a free minute or just don`t know what to do. When you trust him, you see that there`s no need to suspect. Believe me, girls, suspecting and spying on your partner won’t help you build a happy relationship.
2. Break the habit of comparing
You should never compare your boyfriend to anyone else, especially to your ex. Accept all his traits, and learn to love him for who he is. Of course, from time to time we all make comparisons and it often happens unintentionally, but it proves that all you need to do is concentrate on good things only.
3. Stay yourself
Being in a relationship doesn`t mean you should lose yourself. Even when you are in a happy relationship, you should have your own interests and friends. Losing your self-identity when there`s no boyfriend around you is a big mistake. Loving someone is surely great, but you shouldn’t lose yourself regardless of how much you love your partner.
4. Get rid of rage
When you`re in a happy relationship, you give and take. It`s not an easy task since both of you need to invest time and effort into your relationship. Both of you make mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with that. Discuss your problem and forgive him, if your partner is wrong. It`s not healthy to hold a rage. If you cannot change the situation, then try to change your attitude to it.
5. Stop lying
It goes without saying, but still many couples break up because of the lie. People often try to acquit their “almost invisible lies”, as they think it`s not harmful and, therefore, not important. But those tiny lies can lead to something much bigger. You may think it`s okay to use small, white lies and then you start to appreciate lying in general. Honesty is crucial in any relationship so try to be honest with your significant other and, hopefully, he will be honest with you as well.
6. Don’t take him for granted
You will never build a long-term relationship when you take the one you love for granted. Get rid of such a bad habit. Knowing that he is aware of your love isn`t enough. Show your partner how much you love and appreciate him on a daily basis. Don`t let your man forget that he is the only one who’s able to make your life fabulous and your relationship worth to be called magnificent.
7. It’s not a game
A relationship is not a game – there’s no winner or loser. Don’t keep the score. Instead, help your significant other to win the fight. This way, you won’t show your weakness. You will show that you are wise and smart enough to avoid playing any games. You`ll both be satisfied if you start to look for consensus. Regarding your partner as your opponent while you`re fighting always causes serious troubles to the couple.

Source: Womenosophy
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