2018 tips on how to watch hulu overseas [Hulu Vpn Bypass Tricks]

Hulu Vpn Bypass Tricks

TV viewing is a lot different today than it used to be. While people had to rely on whatever is airing on TV for their entertainment, they now have the facility of choosing what to watch whenever they want to. Streaming and VOD services give you access to all your favourite movies and TV shows as and when you want. You can watch anything you want at any time. The best services like Hulu offer huge repositories which offer content that everyone wants to have. However, Hulu is only available in USA and Japan. But fear not, for there are ways you can watch Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Choosing a good VPN

While SmartDNS services can help you get access to Hulu, we would recommend you use a VPN. Why? Because of the all-round service which VPNs offer. Your online privacy and security are maintained by VPNs. They hide you from all prying eyes and help you browse the web freely, securely, and anonymously. This is really important in today’s times where governments are increasing their surveillance of their citizens’ online activity and identity theft cases are increasing almost by the day.

However, even when you use a VPN, you have to be careful which VPN to use. VPNs help you get access to Hulu by spoofing your IP address. But even Hulu knows this. This is why it is actively blocking many of the IPs that are associated with VPNs. This means that many VPNs today are unable to give you access to Hulu. This is why you have to be a little careful when you choose a VPN to bypass this restriction.

How to Watch Hulu Overseas

Hulu bans IP addresses that do not belong to USA or Japan. While the service is available in Japan, it is the US version which people want because of the content it offers. But unless you have a US IP to show that you are in the US, you won’t get access to Hulu. But if you were to fake your IP and use a US IP address, the problem is solved. You don’t have to do this yourself, for there are services which do this for you and help you unblock geo-restricted services like Hulu.

1.      VPN
A virtual private network is a way of ensuring online privacy and anonymity. When you use a VPN you are connected to the internet through the VPN’s servers. These servers encrypt all the traffic passing through them to hide your online activity. But what these servers also do, and what makes them useful in unblocking geo-restricted services like Hulu, is mask your true IP address. The IP address visible to the website is that of the VPN server. So if you are to connect to a US server from your VPN, it will appear like you are in the US. This will give you passage through Hulu’s IP block and allow you to enjoy the fruits of its wholesome service.

2.      Smart DNS
Another way of doing the same is through SmartDNSservices. They work somewhat differently from VPNs, though the end result is the same. SmartDNS services only redirect your DNS queries to an offshore server. This server is typically located in the region where the geo-restricted service is available. SmartDNS services do not encrypt your connection which means your online activity is plainly visible to anyone. They also do not give you additional security features which VPN give. However, all these aren’t really required if your purpose is just to watch Hulu from overseas. SmartDNS services can help you get that done easily, and they are usually better for streaming services. This is because they offer better connection speeds since there is no encryption involved which reduced the speed to some degree.

Hulu is one of the best streamingservices available to people. In many respects, it is better than Netflix because it offers movies much sooner than Netflix and has many TV shows which Netflix does not offer and which people want to watch. Hulu Plus memberships give you access to a lot of other exciting content which makes it worth your while to subscribe to the service. Although it is only available in USA and Japan, you can use these techniques to watch Hulu from overseas.
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