Laundry Business - How to make lots of Money doing laundry business 2018

Laundry Business tips - Laundry business as we all know is washing of cloths, starching of cloths, ironing of cloths, all this is just to make cloths clean, starched and well ironed for either delivery at a customers place or make it ready for customers pick up.

2018 is far spent but we are in february and the years is counting. Some of you must have heard about laundry business in Nigeria but little did you know about what it requires to start the business and make huge profits in Nigeria.

In this post, you will learn about the things required to start up a laundry business and how to make big money with it. 

Things Below are required to setting up laundry business in Nigeria
1 how to wash different fabric
2 learn the skill of dry cleaning
3 ironing different fabric material
4 folding
5 packaging
6 marketing
7 chemicals to use
8 business development

Capital requirements for laundry business in Nigeria:

In Nigeria, laundry business require huge capital to start and alot of human effort, You have to employ a sales girls, and someone who will help in washing, drying and ironing to work for you. Capital helps you to acquire some of the things you need to start it.

Equipments needed for laundry business in Nigeria
1 Lots of Water
2 Irons and Ironing tables
3 Buckets and washing basins
5 Washing Machine is very important
6 Garment Conveyor
7 Starch
8 Standby Generator

This equipment is for big scale medium laundry business. 

You will need all these things to make their work easy and help them to deliver on time. This equipment is very important for laundry business.

Home delivery laundry business equipment are
1 Washing basin
2 Starch
3 Hanger
4 Water
5 Iron and Ironing table

How to promote your laundry business in Nigeria

1 Don't fail to deliver before deadline
2 Offer unique service
3 Print hand bail and fliers
4 Home delivery
5 Brand your finished products
6 Customers preference
7 Offer better price
8 Carefulness.

Note: All business always have a static start but if you are focus your mindset and dont give up on time you will make life out of Laundry business.

One Rule of Business----- Dont Ever give up!!!

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