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Tips To Improve Bricklaying Techniques

This is a Guest Post - Bricklaying technique is one among the acquired basic skills that are a must if you need to have a good hand on the skills of maintaining your place. It also gives you a basic insight of how you can go ahead with home improvement without investing much. A little knowledge can help you to save more. Here is the list of top pickups that can allow you to groom your skills and perform the bricklaying in a better way. Right skills equipped with right tools can help you to get the visible results.


The very first step in bricklaying is to ensure a strong foundation. The require footings or foundations needs a concrete floor. The size of the foundation is determined by the structure of the building that includes the details of the depth and height. As it is known to all that foundation offers a secure base, so it is required to have a strong, levelled foundation. Now the tip behind keeping the foundation strong is that one can drive wood stakes into dug out trench. It will help in ensuring a level foundation. It will allow the surface to be smooth and concrete with the trench. Once the floor gets dry, the ground will allow you to move with the increment of the height.


To use mortar while bricklaying, it is important to mix by hand. It will help to lay down with a cement fibre board or use a wheelbarrow. Mixing it with dry sand and cement together will help you to make a firm and uniform mixture. The mixture should not be sloppy and it should appear as whipped cream. The time should not be more than 1 hour as prolonged time could interfere with the weakening of the bond.

Laying Brick

For the assured strength of the brick wall, proper bedding of the mortar accompanied with the overlapping of the rows of bricks is a must. However, you can always choose the most common method of laying bricks i.e a running bond. It includes the process of starting of the first row with a complete brick and for the second row, half brick is used. In order to achieve scaled cutting, bolster chisel and club hammer is used to break the bricks.

bricks in half. If you are in a process of laying the brick, it is must that proper bedding of the bricks is maintained with the application of mortar on the top of the previous row and at the end of each brick before bedding against the preceding brick. To ensure that the spirit level, top and face of the bricks should be straight and vertical.

Some Best Tools To Improve The Bricklaying Technique:

  1. A Brick Trowel: Before making the purchase, you must be sure about the longevity, quality and the material of the trowel. In case of long work, always for a plastic brick trowel.
  1. A Spirit Level: It is important to opt for a good spirit level as it can allow you to maintain a good level of the floor, that is must for the bricklaying.
  1. A Jointing Bar: It is required for finishing your brick work.  Be assured about the quality of your purchase as you don’t want to compromise with the finishing you will get after the completion of the bricklaying.
  1. A Tape Measure: To be precise with your bricklaying, you must hold a good measuring tape with you, it will give you an exact outlook of the construction. It is advisable to keep and optimize the use of measuring tape to ensure proper bedding is accomplished without any flaws.
  1. Lines and Pins: These small tools are required to add precision in your work. It might help to plan and execute the bricklaying with prompt actions. In case, you missed purchasing them, you can always use your footprints too.
  1. Soft Brush: It is required to brush the final touch with the soft brush. Excess mortar can be easily and swiftly wiped off with the help of this brush. It is a must have a tool in your toolkit that allows you to bring perfection in your bricklaying technique.
Hence, talking about the improvement in bricklaying technique introduces many of the correct and wise tips that are required to achieve the perfection. No matter, you are a new beginner or a trained skilled individual, this set of important tips along with the precise use of these above- mentioned tools in your toolkit will help you to be a good bricklayer. Bricklaying is an art and it demands a little perfection and patience to achieve the desired results. So, next time when you are about to start your project of bricklaying, keep following the tips and see the difference!

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