Datally saves Almost 80% of your data usage

Datally saves Almost 80% of your data usage
Datally is a new app by google to help save up to 80% of your data while in use.
Datally makes use of vpn access and your phone access to be able to work perfectly.

Another good thing about datally apk app is that no anoying ads on it or pop up ads.

Datally saves Almost 80% of your data usage
The screenshot above shows how your app uses your data and below is usage info, you will see manage data so you click it and from the interface, you will be able to set how your android apps use data. By doing this, you will manage your data effectively.
The screenshot above Mobile data usage daily as long as the datally app is swithed on.
The screenshot above alsi help share app with friends too who are looking for a way to save there data usage while surfing the internet.

How to set up Datally apk app
1] Download the app and install via this link Download Datally
2] After installing the app, launch it.
3] switch on the vpn and give it access to your phone.
4] switch it on and save data.

Note: datally must always be switched on so that it can help save your data and calculated your data usage daily, weekly and monthly.

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  1. Really nice android App.
    I dont know what google was thinking in the first place but this surely works


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