Where to Buy Cheap Domain For your Blogspot with quick Adsense Approval {Qservers}

Many bloggers online dont really know much about qserver domains and i have made it a priority that i will tell them that domains are one of the main backbones of running a blog.

Qservers has been a luck to me in buying a cheap domain and cheap hosting too. With qserver.net, i was able to get my adsense approval withing a short time and i have been paid severally due to traffic ranking that i got using qservers domain.

Qservers.net have so many packages they offer all its customers and i know it has the cheapest and best domain hosting.

Some Features you should know about qservers.net

  1. Instant Setup: Paying with your ATM card online with instant domain and hosting sent to you via the Email you provided.
  2. 99.99% guarantee uptime: This is where QServers stands out from other host. When we say 99.99%, we mean 99.99%!. Years of experience + huge financial investments makes this possible.
  3. Full User support: Our "Best Rated Customer support" team is always on hand to assist your 24/7 with any issues you might have by Phone, Chat or Email.
  4. Website Building tools at your disposal: Website Building tools available from softaculous in CPanel Area.
  5. Free.com.ng Domains: In our effort to increase the use of the .ng extension, QServers is giving away FREE Registration & Renewals with any annual hosting package ordered!
  6. Managing Servers: At QServers we do all the work so you don't have to bother about server management, with us you have time to do other things!
Below are the packages they offer and you can choose and buy by clicking the links after the packages.

For different hosting plans, [Hosting plans] or Cheap Hosting for Blog

For the hosting plans, they have:

Starter pack: These plan is #350 for one month and #3500 for one year. Buying the plan for a year is more cheaper because it has been discounted to suit every customer.

Business Pack: This plan is #650 for one month and #6500 for one year. It has also been discounted too.

Developers Plan: This plan is #900 for a month and #9000 for one year. discounted also.

Pro Plan: This plan is #1,200 for a month and #12000 for a year. discounted also.

Mega Plans is the highest and it #1700 and a wooping #17000 for a year which is meant for sites that uses videos and much picture upload like Youtube and facebook.

For Cheap Domain Names click this link Qserver Domains

There are different type of domains which comes in different sizes and different forms, like my website uses a dot com domain and it is very fast and convenient for me and my audience. Domains ranges from .com to .com.ng to .net, .net.ng, .ng and so on. All this come with various prices but the cheapest among them are .com and .com.ng, you can click this link to buy a .com and .com.ng domains Qservers.net

So now you know how you can get a quick and cheap domain from Qservers via the links above.

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