Latest & cheapest Glo Data plans for Ember months

Latest & cheapest Glo Data plans for Ember months

How does 12.5GB of Glo Internet data for just ₦2,500 sound to you?
Wait, don’t answer that, ₦2,500 is a big money.
How about 4GB for just a thousand naira?
Glo data plans are the cheapest in Nigeria”.
I’m sure you must have heard that statement somewhere, from someone.
 Glo internet bundles are the cheapest in Nigeria at the moment. Glo mobile’s internet subscription still remains the most pocket-friendly in Nigeria especially for the youths and students.

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How cheap?
We’re talking up to 7.5GB of data for just ₦2k. There’s also the mad option of getting 18GB for ₦4k.
Be it an iPad, an Android smartphone, an iPhone, your internet modem, a Chromebook, a PSP console, even a calculator – just so long as it can access the internet.
Glo data services
Plans in this category are the best in Nigeria at the moment.
Think I’m wrong?
Just see for yourself;
10MB for N25     CODE *127*32#
20MB for N50     CODE *127*14#
90MB for N100     CODE *127*51#

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wow!!! this is awesome
250MB for N200  5 days  CODE  *127*56#
2GB for N500  10days   CODE  *127*57#

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GLO is really the Grand Masters Of DATA
4GB for N1,000   CODE   *127*53#
9.5GB for N2,000    CODE   *127*55#
12.5GB for N2,500   CODE    *127*58#
15GB for N3,000    CODE    *127*54#
24GB for N4,000    CODE   *127*59#
30GB for N5,000     CODE   *127*2#
55GB for N8,000    CODE    *127*1#
75GB for N10,000    CODE    *127*11#
120GB for N15,000    CODE    *127*12#
150GB for N18,000    CODE   *127*13#
180GB for N20,000    CODE    *127*33#
Is this not splendid? A big shout out to GLO.

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