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THE GREEN PLANT (Exalting Nature's Finest Creature)

THE GREEN PLANT (Exalting Nature's Finest Creature)

These special write up on examining the existence and Amaranthine nature of man's major source of food.

  On the third day of creation God said "let the earth bring forth grass and the herb that yields seeds and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, and God therefore saw that it was good. (Gen 1:11-13), when the Creator in his infinite wisdom made this statement, he knew the importance these plants would serve in the scheme of things. In addition to this brilliant piece of artistry by God, he also knew he needed someone to take care(cultivate) the plants in order for them to flourish and produce good food, so he created the first man(Adam) on the sixth day to do the job. American botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey stated thus " plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfil good intentions, they thrive because someone expended effort on them".

  Furthermore God said after creating man, behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree yielding seed; to you it shall be meat. (Gen 1:29). Looking critically at this Bible passages, God never intended for man to strive,toil and starve for food, the initial plan was to provide humans with all the food crops they wanted, well not until the Creator and man fell apart(you should know the rest of the story). But fast forward to this present generation, the reverse is the case, poverty, hunger and food insecurity are the consequences of our government not investing on developing the agricultural sector.

   A short description of the green plant reveals that it is an organism in the kingdom plantae( kingdoms are the main divisions into which scientists classify all living organisms). This magnificent creature is graciously greenish in colour because of the presence of chlorophyll (a pigment that gives plant its color). Chlorophyll means "green leaf" in Greek, chloros denotes green while phyllum denotes leaf. The colour green signifies nature,life,youth, safety and hope. This elegant color is also related to the English verb growan "to grow". Most authors/scientist would tell you it is their favorite colour.

   The Green plant, I call it evergreen because it is created to be Amaranthine, it personifies regeneration. The process of germination of this creature right from the sowing of the seed to being sprouted into a seedling and then matures into a full grown crop plant is a joy to behold.

The green plant is always proud to represent nature while it nurture, it prays to the heavens for rain and faithfully lays on the soil for nourishment, it expresses joy(excitement) while the wind blows and radiates freshness when the sun glows, it is vulnerable and fragile during the change of season just like every other being, despite its vulnerability it still shows some tenacity when the winter,summer and storm peck at it, without shelter & without shade but this being still blossoms.

 Above all, its existence is a natural proof of appreciating and beautifying any environment, wonderful creature isn't it? If only humans can live like the green plant, perhaps the world would be a better place.

   This article as Perlocutionary as it may look to the reader,it therefore indicates that efforts should be made towards fostering our vegetation in order to create a synergy with the environment, which is what most advanced countries are doing presently, investing capital and introducing improved technologies (innovations) to their agricultural system. e.g USA,Canada,Australia and some European countries,where efforts are channelled into conserving vegetation instead of destroying it, Nigeria should emulate them.

    In conclusion, Frank D. Roosevelt says a nation that destroys its vegetation, destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. It is therefore unwise to destroy your source of food(green plants). For there is a saying "plant a tree, plant a new life, take care of trees and they take care of you".

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