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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2017 cheat: Anonytun New Settings With Full Speed On Glo sim for all Devices

If you are Looking for a Free Browsing cheat for Glo Unlimited Browsing, this is what You need to Use. Below are the following ways you can set up your Device.

  1. Glo sim
  1. A strong 3g network or 4G if available
  1. Download anonytun latest version right below this post or update it on playstore.
APN Tweaking For Anonytun Free Browsing 

Well, apn plays a big and major role with this anonytun app as it is the case of majority of phone, so without tweaking your apn, then there's a great tendency to be stuck with browsing with it. But don't you worry about that as we're been able to tweak some apn to make it more faster. And all thanks to one of my whatsapp group members who draw my attention to it snd he was the one that Tweaks the last two apn, kudos to @afe for his amazing work.

Proxy =blank




And here is a screenshot guidelines on the apn configuration

{filename}-Anonytun New Settings With Full Speed On Glo
After configuring your phone with any of the above apn, then launch your anonytun app wnd use the following configuration ;

Anonytun New Settings 
  • Launch your anonytun app, click onstealth settings right about the above.
  • Then, here use the following settings ;
  • Connection Protocol => HTTP
  • Connection Port=> 8081, 9201, 443, 80, 8080. Choose any of the listed port.

{filename}-Anonytun New Settings With Full Speed On Glo

It will bring another pop up of totally different layout settings, so here use the following configuration for it ;

  • Url/Host=> redirect.glo.com
  • Request Method=> POST/GET
{filename}-Anonytun New Settings With Full Speed On Glo
Hit the generate Button, it will bring up layout filled with your host using sss programming like the screenshot below illustrate it, so here you only have to click the save button on it.

{filename}-Anonytun New Settings With Full Speed On Glo
After doing this, now save your settings by hitting the save button at the second layout. 

{filename}-Anonytun New Settings With Full Speed On Glo
Tap the connect button and voila, you're now browsing for free of charge with maximum speed.

Don't forget to like, share and comment if this works perfectly for you. And if it is otherwise kindly comment, we would be glad to help as this is what the forum was meant for.

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