See the 5 Unique Things You Can do at a GTBank ATM

GTbank has the leading Technology in the banking sector and it has made so many other bank change the way of providing services to its customers. Gtbank has alot of things you can do inside the banking hall or at the ATM which has made so many transactions very easy for patronizers. Like me, i use my gtbank very often and i really enjoy using all there services, it does not take me much time if inside the banking hall especially if i want to withdraw cash, instead  of staying inside the long queue of teller users, i will just stay in the queue where people are not much and in no time i will achieve my aim and leave the bank. you can do the same by following the steps and clicking the link to know more.
  1. CUSTOMER UPDATE: Updating of mobile number linked to the Account right from Gtbank ATM. 
  2. INTRA AND INTERBANK TRANSFER: Transfering Money has become very easy as you can send money to your loved ones, friends and even business partners in just simple steps. Transfer money to any bank anywhere around the world and it can be in different currencies. 
  3. BILLS PAYMENT: From the comfort of your home, you can now pay all your bills, example of bills you can pay is your ELECTRICITY bills, PHCN bills, TOLLS, CABLE TV  bills and you can also even do it via Quickteller.
  4. CARDLESS WITHDRAWER: Cardless withdrawer is also done in just simple steps click this link Cardless withdrawer link to learn more about cardless withdrawer.
  5. WESTERN UNION: With the new Gtbank ATM, You can now transfer money Directly into you bank account. 
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