Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Super Mario Run Now Available For Android [Mario apk]

  • Nintendo promised us Android users that the game will be evemtually rolled out to the ANdroid platform and finally,
    Super Mario Run

    Super Mario has always been Nitendo's best gaming offering right from when video games were the shiznit! And now they have brought the game to mobile platforms.

    Super Mario Run on Android rendering starts from version 2.0 and it 4 coloured "Yoshis" as additional playabale characters.
    The Android version, quite similar to the iOS version is FREE to try but if  you want to access the game in its entirety you are required to make a one-time $9.99 purchase which in my opinion is worth it as the game is addictively interesting.

    You can download and try out the game by downloading from the below links.
    NB: Playing the game requires internet connection.
    Super Mario Run
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