N-Power Device Collection,Collection Date & collection Centers

N-Power Device Collection,Collection Date & collection Centers

Every device set-up pre-loaded with contents and these contents can be accessed through the N-Power App. And these contents can also be accessible offline.

These devices are also loaded with productivity tools just for the volunteers.
During the loading of the device, the device tested through the quality assurance and then mapped to a specific volunteer in a specific programme, in a specific location.

In this stage, you can see an official scanning a device for a particular volunteer, which may be you based on the device you select and the programme you enrolled for.

In quality assurance, you never be too careful, we scan the devices again, and tag each device by writing the name of the volunteer on the device and the volunteer’s ID on the device.

In the verification stage, the officials go through the NpowerNG App, and go through all the contents to make sure that installed apps are working properly.
They also check the profiles to ensure that device match with the name tag to ensure that it’s yours.

In this final stage, the device is packaged with a SIM card inside and the information brochure.
The information brochure carries every information you need to know about your device.
After this, the devices are sealed with Quality Assurance to make sure that the next person who opens the device is you.
The N-power App gives every volunteer access to resources for improving your skills on the job.
Contents are broadly classified into three modules:
This module, as the name implies, prepares the volunteer for their role in the programme.
Here, you find learning materials to prepare you based on the programme you selected to volunteer in.
For N-Teach Volunteers, you get to take training and assessment on teaching, and qualities of a teacher, managing the classroom and learning, how to write lesson notes, and so much more
For N-Agro Volunteers, have access to various resources to aid your work on the field, training on crop production, livestock farming, climate smart agriculture, and many more.
Through the App, you gain access to classroom scenario videos for each subject. You also gain access to text books and work books from primary one to primary six for the N-Teach Volunteers.
For the N-Agro volunteers, you have robots manures that’d enable you deliver on your role as the next generation food provider.
In this module, every N-power volunteer gain access to improve their employability, and entrepreneurial skills.
The topics are well curetted for you based on categories such as:
  • Digital marketing,
  • Programming,
  • Communication,
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, and much more.
We’re pleased to have brought these contents right to your fingertips and we’re certain you’d make the best use of it.
During every installation process, we need to take attempt to make sure all Apps are well installed, all APK are properly transferred to proper Apps,and all programmes are well installed on designated volunteer so that we don’t make mistake in doing this.
Every single device is tagged to a single volunteer, so we need to take our time to verify, check and make sure that all Apps are working properly. So that it won’t get to the volunteer and start misbehaving.
As the supervisor, I make sure I verify every application on a single tab. Because every single Tab represents a single volunteer, which they need to use in carrying out their daily activities for this N-power Programme.
As we achieve the quality you desire, we’re packaging all devices for shipping and every volunteer would definitely be contacted on where, when to pick up their device for the next step.
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