How To make More Money with Affiliate

How To make More Money with Affiliate

As You all know my fellow audience and bloggers, making money online is one of our priority. I will like to introduce you to the latest affiliation program which started this year, Which offers more commission than any other Nigerian affiliation sites like, and so on.

Click here Tolet, Offers the following for referrals to there sites
  • #4 for Cost per clicks, imagine one thousand click which amounts to #4000 and there is no limit to how much you can withdraw from your tolet affiliate account.
  • 3.5% commission for every house that is rented, payed for or bought, using your referral links or banners that is displayed on your blog or website.
  • And lots more.

How To make More Money with Affiliate

If you check the dashboard above for this month of april, you will see payment per click, impression, and approved commission for a building that was rented using my referral link from my blog. So what else do you need to know, start using Tolet affiliate To make cool cash online. 

Note: It might not work if your blog or website does not generate thousands of traffic everyday but if not you can click the links above and register and start making money with

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