4 Steps You need to know about before you create & check your comapny status with CAC

4 Steps You need to know about before you create & check your comapny status with CAC

Before you sign that cheque or go into that business dealing, it is paramount you confirm if the company in question is registered. Doing this before required a visit to the CAC office and doing a number of paper works which is quite stressful.

Some of the things to Know About CAC Company Registeration.

  1. Following the manual process will be very hard and hectic but you can make it easy doing the online registration. To register online Click Here to register
  2. You can also Reserve your company name incase you don't have Money to Register it Manually but you should consider reading Rules for Reserving Company Names
  3. Pre - Incorporation means to Register an existing company name with given codes Click to Know about Pre-Incorporation
  4. Post-Incorporation which means to file changes to an existing company or Business to know more click Here  
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How to Check and Verify a Company using CAC Search

The good news is that you can now run this check from the comfort of your sitting room FREE of CHARGE using the CAC website.

To search, visit CAC website, you will be presented with a form to type 

  • the name of the company you want to search for. 
  • Enter the company name without the "Limited" or "Ltd". 
  • Check the "I am not a robot" CAPTCHA 
  • and click submit.

You will be presented with the status of the company. The status include:

  • Registered company - with the RC No, registered address and date of registration.
  • Undergoing registration - the registration address with the displayed
  • Returns empty set if the company does not exist.
So, what are you waiting for? Search for that company today
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