Using Remita 2 Transfer Money To Different Banks In Nigeria

Remita happens to be one of the best and trusted e-payment platforms around Nigeria today. most Nigerian schools uses remita in making payment in schools today,But that is not our focus on this article. Rather, we want to bring to you How To Use Remita Transfer Money To Different Banks In Nigeria. You will find it very helpful.

As we learn How To Use Remita Transfer Money To Different Banks In Nigeria, you need to also understand that many corporate firms use Remita to pay salary as well. So, this platform is trusted. And the good news? You don’t need to be a registered user to be able to use Remita. You can use this platform for payments even as a unregistered user. Let’s show you how below.
As pointed out above, you can make payment to any bank in Nigeria using Remita. And there are two ways you can do that. You can do that either as a registered user or an unregistered user.


To make payments as a registered user,
    • Log into Remita with your credentials.
    • Select the Payments Menu and choose the type of payment you wish to make (e.g. salaries, vendors) and follow the on-screen instructions.


To make payments as an unregistered user,


By recurring payment, we mean payment that happens from time to time. Let’s assuming you want to be sending you son in school money every Friday. So, instead of coming online everytime to make the payment, you can fix it to be recurring. When you have fixed it, whenever it gets to the time of payment, Remita will automatically make the payment on your behalf. People who use this mostly are corporate organisations in paying salary.
  1. Log onto
  2. Click on “Pay Family & Friends” or any other option you wish to use.
  3. Once opened, on the top of the form, click on “recurring payment
  4. Then, fill the form.
  5. Please take important note the following
    1. Every – select how often you want the payment to be made (day,week, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc).
    2. Start date and end dates (if you want the payment to go on within 6 months or whatever duration you want.).
    3. Then, every other needed information.
  6. Afterwards, click on “submit”.
I hope we been able to provide you on How To Use Remita Transfer Money To Different Banks In Nigeria.

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