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Saturday, February 25, 2017

NOUN University Accredited Courses [Undergraduate & Postgraduate] 2017/2018 sessions

list of NOUN Accredited Courses for 2017/2018 | The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is a federal open and distance learning institution, the first of its kind in West African Sub-region. It is the largest Nigeria’s tertiary institution in terms of student population.

we have decided to compile a list of all NOUN accredited courses for the national open university 2017/2018 SESSION


  • It help you to avoid registering noun courses that you’ll be forced to drop later.
  • You’ll get to know relevant and Noun compulsory courses to register for every semester​
  • Noun courses and programmes suspended by the registrar will no longer be a mystery to you.​
There’s no special tool required for checking the Noun registrable and available courses. The below items are necessary but not limited to:
  • A computer or smartphone
  • Your precious time and patience
  • An internet connection
For the fact you are here at same page with me, qualifies you – so let’s get started now.


[Bachelor Degree Programmes]
  • BSc. Mathematics
  • Bsc. Computer Science and Mathematics (combined honors)
  • BSc. Computer Science
  • BSc. Data Management
  • BSc. Communications Technology
  • BSc. Agricultural Extension and Management
  • BSc. Nursing Science
  • BSc. Community Health
  • BSc. Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESM)
  • BSc. Physics
  • BSc. Chemistry
  • BSc. Biology
  • BSc. (Ed) Agric Science
  • BSc. (Ed) Biology
  • BSc. (Ed) Chemistry
  • BSc. (Ed) Computer Science
  • BSc. (Ed) Physics
  • BSc. (Ed) Intergrated Science
  • BSc. (Ed) Mathematics
  • BSc. (Ed) Business Education
  • BSc. Entreprenuership
  • B .A (Ed) Primary Education
  • B .A (Ed) Early Childhood Education
  • B .A (Ed) English
  • B .A (Ed) French
  • LLB (Law) Degree Programme


[Masters & Ph.D Degree Programmes]
  • MSc. Mass Communication
  • MSc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • MSc. Business Administration
  • MSc. Information Technology (with Internet options)
  • MSc. Public Administration
  • MSc. Public Sector Management
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
  • M.Ed Education Technology
  • M.Ed Educational Administration and Planning
  • Ph.D English (English/Literature)
  • Ph.D Educational Administration
  • Ph.D Educational Technology
  • Ph.D Educational Planning
If you didn’t see your choice course in this list, kindly let us know via comment section below. Questions regarding admission into NOUN are also welcome.

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