Choosing right SMS Service Provider in India For Cost-Effective Business Promotion

SMS (Short Messaging Service) has become famous soon after the youngsters started using it extensively to communicate with each other. Over the years, we have seen telecommunication companies reducing the rates of text messaging services, offering message packs to send unlimited messages and such.

Even though the internet has made apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, etc. popular, SMS continues to be relevant and in use. In areas where internet facilities are not up to the mark, users rely on SMS messages to stay in touch with others.

Moreover, enterprises believe that an SMS message is a great way to reach a wider spectrum of the audience directly. And, they are not wrong. Every mobile phone has an SMS feature, irrespective of its model and cost. It is easy to access and read the messages even if users cannot respond to them. Sending an SMS message is a cost-effective method that guarantees results for the enterprises.

With the telecommunication regulations, enterprises are using APIintegration services to handle the protocol and route the messages to user phone numbers. An SMS service provider in India will enable enterprises to connect their database with an SMS gateway and use a cloud platform to send and receive messages.

This allows the enterprises to send an unlimited number of messages to users in bulk. It takes just a few clicks to send the messages. Informational, promotional, and transactional messages can be sent to users anywhere in the country and the world. Most companies offer international messaging services.

Banks and financial institutions, e-commerce websites, educational institutions, corporate sector, government agencies, hotels, travel companies, etc. an enterprise belongingto any industry can use these services.

The API platform can be used to connect with users across 30+ communication channels. The messages will be automatically translated the template form to text form and delivered across the selected channel. Also, if the messages fail to get delivered through one channel, they will be re-routed through another. Most messages that do not get delivered on WhatsApp or other internet-based communications channels get routed through the SMS gateway.

The SMSservice provider in India handles the messaging API and helps enterprises in developing customer engagement tools and creating bots to automate the replies.

v  Sending Bulk Messages
o   Messages can be sent in bulk with a single click. The user phone numbers can be selected from the database by categorizing them into different groups based on their product preferences.
o   Bulk messages can also be personalized to include the name of the user. Personalized messages generate more attention.

v  Notifications and Alerts
o   Send informational messages and timely notifications about order bookings and deliveries.
o   Inform users about the service due dates and send payment reminders.
o   This will help them keep track of their orders, payments, and service schedules.

v  Promotional Messages
o   Promoting and marketing a product or service through SMS messages has been followed for years with successful results.
o   Sending regular updates on products, introducing new products and services, sharing details of discounts, and offers to increase sales, festival period offer promotions, etc. are some promotional techniques.
o   Scheduling campaigns for fixed days, targeting the new audience, exploring and expanding wider into the market can be practiced by methodically sending promotional messages.
o   By providing users with codes and allowing two-way communication, enterprises can convert promotions into sales. 

v  Using Bots
o   Create and use chatbots to send automated messages to users.
o   Bots can be used while responding to customers and sending pre-approved messages.

v  Reliability 
o   The companies provide a reliable cloud platform with 99.9% uptime and system redundancy.
o   The service providers constantly monitor the platform and ensure there are no glitches that prevent the messages from being sent.
o   The message traffic is closely tracked, and a list of invalid phone numbers is updated to the dashboard.

v  Data Security
o   Data encryption, role-based access control, and vulnerability testing are done to ensure that the information shared is kept secure and confidential.

v  Technical Support
o   A team of the service provider is always available to help and assist the enterprises in managing the platform and sending messages.
o   Any errors that appear are effectively solved, and the messages are sent within less time to the users.  
o   The delivery reports are updated for the enterprises to know how many of their customers have received the messages.

v  Dashboard
o   The interactive dashboard works as a record manager and message tracker.
o   The number of messages sent, delivered, received, rejected, etc. are automatically updated on the dashboard.
o   Enterprises can also track the number of complaints received from the customers.

From getting closer to customers to increasing sales and generating greater ROI, SMS messages help enterprises in many ways.

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