Nysc Batch ‘B’ ✓ All nysc information you need to know in & out of camp

NYSC – In these post i am going to be talking about the relevant informations abour nysc redeployment, relocations, how to solve date of birth issues, guildlines for making a nice job video with your mobile, how to register on nyscjobs.ng and so on.

Below are some relevant links you need to read about to get yourself up to date;

1) How to pay for clearance using the remita procedure, nysc remita payment procedure

2) How to apply for relocation and redeployment nysc redeployment process

3) 10 valuable things every pcm’s must take to camp 10 important things to take to nysc camp

4)/How to produce the nest nysc job video cd for any online job portal Read more here

5) You can apply for better job by visiting these link Read more about nyscjobs

6) Wanna see a medical redeployment letter sample click here

7) wanna print call up letter click here 

8) How to correct date of birth click here

Now you know about some major things about the nysc.

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