Loom Money scheme: Blessing loom 2019 – Real or Scam (Loom Nigeria)

The air is filled ones again with a new Ponzi scheme called loom money making platform.

Loom is now making waves because it promised 8 times (loom 8x) what ever you invest in the platform. But in the real sense just like mmm, it is a pyramid scheme, an mlm (multi-level marketing) money making scam.

Loom – How it works

As we all know it’s a platform that promises to double your investment but it’s your cash or hard earned money really worth such investment?

Joining loom today does not end there, because for you to make more money you have to invite people to join using your own referral link or referral codes (loom referral).

See steps below

  1. First step: You are invited, usually by a friend or relative, to join a Whatsapp group chat
  2. Then you are asked to ‘invest’ N1,000 or N13,000 with a promise that you will make eight times the amount back once you recruit
  3. After you have paid your money, you are asked to invite your own family and friends to join the system.
  4. The more people you manage to add to the circle, the quicker the movement of it, and thus, the easier it will be for you to make your chunk of ‘easy money’.
  5. Loom Money Nigeria promises a staggering easy cash reward of N8,000 for paying N1,000; N104,000 if you pay N13,000

Loom – How many stages does it have

The loom plans have four stages

  1. There are four levels in Loom Nigeria – Purple, Blue, Orange and Red
  2. Each time 8 people join the loom, the person in the center (Red) will get target amount and leave.
  3. The loom will then split into two groups. The top half and the bottom half become the new looms and everyone moves into the next level (Purple Level – into Blue Level – Into Orange Level) and the cycle begins again.

Loom – is it real or a scam?

Read below and be careful when investing your Money
  • Typically in a pyramid scheme, you pay to join.
  • The scheme relies on you then recruiting other people to join up and to part with their money as well.
  • For everyone in the scheme to make a profit, though, there needs to be an endless supply of new members.
  • In reality, the number of people willing to join the scheme, and ultimately the amount of money coming into the scheme, will dry up very quickly.
  • For every person to eventually make the kind of money, Loom is promising, each Whatsapp group needs to always keep on growing with new members.
  • For the first person to be paid, he/she needs 8 people
  • For those 8 people to be paid, the Whatsapp group needs 8 x 8 = 64 new people
  • For these 64 new people to get paid, the Whatsapp group needs 64 x 8 = 512 new people
  • For these 512 people to get paid, the Whatsapp group needs 4,096 new people
  • For these 4,096 members to get completely paid, the Whatsapp group needs 32,768 new members.
  • You can continue the calculation.
  • Every ponzi scheme will certainly get to a point where there’s no new investors and no new people coming into it and once that happens, the system will crash.
Most important news about loom – please don’t listen to people that say you should take risk by investing your money, be wise and don’t make another man rich by been foolish.

Disclaimer: We do not demote or promote any platform here.. All you do is at your own risk.

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