Passing out parade – Nysc (POP) Update For Batch B stream 1

The batch b stream Corp members will be wondering about the date for there passing out parade (pop) for them to end their Service year.

In these our post, we gonna tell you the date of the passing out parade as soon as it is out. All you need do is either subscribe to our blog for regular update or bookmark these page so that it can notify you of any update.

For the new corp member who will soon be doing there clearance, we have compile a post on how to use Remita for clearance

You can still latest information on registration of new corp member by clicking here.

These Information is for the new corp members who will be registering online in case they make errors in there registration should click here

Looking for a job is hard these days but some jobs needs real ideas that is why we have some guidelines for making a Job Video and how to go about it. click here

If you are going to camp, you need the Nysc Android app which will guide you with lots of information click here to download the app

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