Friday, January 12, 2018

How to pay For NYSC clearance Using the Remita Procedures

Nysc Remita payment is a form of payment which has been adopted by  the nysc to help student with bank issues especially using the ATM online e-commerce payment method which sometimes always develop network problems. So nysc has adopted this same secured method to help PCMS ( prospective corp members) easily pay for their online payment.

What is need for these NYSC Remita payment process are Internet service, sophisticated mobile device i.e. Android phone, windows phone and even if you have a laptop and internet service, it will help you in saving your money and stress of queue in a café. So procedures are as follows


  • From the Home Page, Click “Already Have Account-click here to Login-“. Enter your email and password to login
  • Click on “Click Here To Make Payment” after successful login
  • When Payment Confirmation page is displayed, Click on “Proceed to Payment”
  • You get redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options
  • For Cards and Wallet Payments
    Click on “Pay now with cards or wallets”
  • Provide card details, pin and whatever other information required
  • On successful transaction, the redirect URL is loaded with the status of the transaction
  • This completes the Remita Cards/Wallet payment process
  • To pay at any Bank Branch
    Copy the RRR number generated and take to any of the approved banks
  • After making the payment, the payment status can be checked on this URL: as seen below.
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  1. to Service ->
  2. Provide transaction reference number (order id)/Email Address
  3. Click on “Continue” to query Remita and view the transaction detail
  • Click on “Get Status” to view the details of payment
Thats all

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