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Friday, October 20, 2017

Cardless withdrawal using the access bank Android app [cardless withdrawal]

Cardless withdrawal using the access bank Android app [cardless withdrawal]

In this article, i will be talking about how you can withdraw cash with the use of the access bank android app [Mobile app].

Most people do have issues when it comes to withdrawing with their atm cards, which can lead to debiting of their account without the money coming out but this post is not to condem the use of ATM but to open our eyes to new ways of withdrawal in case you are stranded somewhere without your ATM card or having issues with the ATM card or dont have ATM card at all.

This Post will teach you how you can use your Access bank Mobile app to withdraw with the need of ATM card. What you will need is just Internet service to run on your mobile device and the access bank mobile app on your phone.

Below are the steps which will help you out when it comes to withdrawal without card.

  1. Download the mobile app Click here.
  2. Register your account with the app.
  3. Once you have log in
  4. Go to self services and
  5. you pick cardless withdrawal and follow the prompt, and you will see as in the picture below
Once you have input all the required data like your Token and your OTP thats all, they will sent your a code which will be used to withdraw at the ATM.

But remember your Token and OTP will still be needed at the ATM.

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