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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Make Big Money this Ember Month with Uber Nigeria but see the car requirements 2017/2018

Uber is growing their network of cars in Nigeria. If you own a car and you are looking to make extra cash in your free time with the vehicle, you can easily sign up your car with Uber Nigeria today and become an Uber taxi driver. All you need is to meet their requirements for a car.

About Uber

Uber is not a Nigerian company , it’s a San Francisco-based company that was founded in 2009. They don’t own all the Uber car you see all over Lagos, Abuja etc. They are like  a “pick-up” service that connects passengers with private drivers. It’s that simple. We all know the popular Lagos Taxi cars in most Nigerian Cities, Uber is quite different from them. Uber uses apps which can be found on Google play store, apple store and Microsoft window store to bring together drivers and customers based on location. For example a Passenger in Ikeja GRA, will be linked with drivers that are located within Ikeja GRA. This is done to ensure that riders are quickly linked with driver not farther than 30M away. Enough of the story, let’s go to the main point of the article.

How does Uber Nigeria works?

Uber Nigeria is a technology platform that connects drivers with riders. Apps are used to make a ride request. Before you can do this you must have registered with Uber Nigeria. Then how can you register? you need the Uber apps first. Below I will show you where to download the Uber app on your android phone, iPhone and window-powered devices.

How to use Uber in Nigeria

  • Enter your location and your destination

Entering your location lets you see which Uber vehicles are available around you. Uber works with Google Maps to determine your location, alternately, you can manually enter your address. You can watch Uber cars move around you in real time on the map to determine which is closest.

  • Determine the type of car you want

In NIgeria, Uber’s different rides come with different price tags, and can fit different numbers of people. There is UberX and UberSelect. UberX is cheaper and can carry more than 3 people.

Clicking into any of Uber’s ride options shows you what you can expect to pay, how many people the car will fit, and the estimated time of arrival. It’s good to check this information out before determining which car you need.
  • Call an Uber Driver

Tap the screen to request your car. Uber Nigeria gives you an estimated time of arrival for your car, and will also provide you with the driver’s number. You can call or text your driver. If you cancel after five minutes, you are charged a fee. However, if your driver will be more than 5 minutes late, you can cancel without paying a fee.

Don’t forget to select your payment method

I know you have already entered your credit card information when you signed up, but you can choose to enter another card, or opt to pay with cash too. Your ride will be charged to your card, so you’ll never have a transaction with your driver during your ride. It is that easy if you use card option.

Make Big Money this Ember Month with Uber Nigeria but see the car requirements 2017/2018

  • Check your fare after the ride

Don’t forget to always check your fare at the end of your ride, so that you are not over charged. Price surging could happen to anyone, so be smart.

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 Download app For Apple devices @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uber/id368677368?mt=8

Uber requirements for cars and drivers in Nigeria for you to be able to register your car for Uber taxi, your car must meet the following requirements:
  • The car must be a product of 2005 (the year the car was released) and above.
  • The car must have four properly working passenger doors.
  • Two doors cars are not accepted.
  • Your car must have a valid insurance policy document.
  • Also, a valid vehicle inspection report is required.
What do you need to be an Uber driver?
  • All you need to be an Uber driver is your valid driver’s license. 
You can sign up with Uber Nigeria today. You can drive with Uber at any time and also determine when you work. This way, driving an Uber taxi doesn’t get to affect the other important things in your life. You can use it as a way to make that extra income.

Watch Video below of How UBER can Changer Your Life,

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