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Monday, April 10, 2017

Guidelines on how to produce the best NYSC VIDEO CV on Any Job Portal

Guidelines on how to produce the best NYSC VIDEO CV on Any Job Portal

The whole essence of the NYSC video CV is to allow you tell recruiters why you are the best person to fill in the vacancy in their organization. So speak confidently with broad smile. The world has access to it.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR NYSC VIDEO AND SEND (Video Length: Not More than 20seconds)
Before starting the recording, make sure the phone/ tablet video is set to low quality and not high quality if not, go to your phone video settings and set it to low quality and after then start recording.
Why low video quality is because video must not be more than 14mb (20seconds) because it will be easy to send on Whatsapp, or Email thereby reducing or Avoiding Internet issues. Video must not exceed 14mb but if it exceeds not to worry if you have fast internet no problems.

These are the following steps on How to create a standard VideoCV and please adhere strictly to the rules;
·         Use good Smart Phones and tablets.
·         While capturing, hold the phone in a landscape format not portrait format and capture for 20seconds only. 1 minute extra will be rejected so be very cautious.
·         Speak very loud and clear so that your voice can be heard in your 20 seconds video recording.
Video Procedure1:
·         Start by greeting/intro, say either goodday, Hello, hi. My name is NaijaEssentials or Peter Akpos.
·         Then you will explain why you are the preferred candidate. In three (3) very short sentences.
·         Before your 20seconds runs out, close either with THANK YOU / THANK YOU FOR WATCHING / THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. DO NOT SAY THANKS
·         If you want a video example sent to you, as a guide, ask us via our whatsapp number as displayed below.

Tips: Write down your 20 seconds speech on a paper or laptop to memorize it before recording starts.

For Example,
o   Hello my name is peter odibo.
o   I am a graduate of Civil Engineering; my passion is design and maintenance.
o   I have attended some professional training in class room best practices, to sharpen my engineering knowledge.
o   I have also worked at an insurance company maintenance department.
o   I will be an immense addition to your team.
o   Thank you for your consideration.
Note: If you want to copy this, make sure you fill in all your profession, where you have worked not as written above. Make sure you don’t just copy, in fact don’t copy at all. Because you will be rejected if your format is the same.

You will have to speak strictly about your business/business skills and your product/services in your video e.g fashion designer, bag maker, shoe making caterer e.t.c . You can also hold/show the product in the video while talking if you wish. Don’t forget not more than 20 seconds, if it’s more than it will be rejected.
Follow these steps: before you start recording, make sure your phone/tablet is set to landscape not portrait or if possible use your laptop. Don’t forget set video camera to low quality before recording starts.
1.       Get a family or friend to hold the phone for you while you speak, (no selfie is allowed), he/she must hold the phone in a landscape position.
2.       Get the video background tidy and well light up with either artificial light or natural light. (Unclear videos will be rejected), as simple as a neatly painted wall or office background will do.
3.       Only video shot in tidy environment and formal looking environments, like the office or home living room shall be accepted. (Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor backgrounds shall be rejected).
4.       Make sure environment is very quiet for noisy videos will be rejected. No outdoor videos please.
5.       When shooting your video, make sure nothing untidy or distracting is showing in the background.
6.       Make sure phone is steady (shaky videos will be rejected). Make sure nobody else show in your video except you.
7.       You can sit or stand (Capture from chest where the NYSC crested logo is showing on your shirt) up to your head. Waist down to the feet should not appear in the video. NYSC uniform only.
8.       Look your very best, trim your hair, tidy your hair, and looks (female). No chain or big ear rings allowed. Your hair and makeup should be formal/official (moderate is the key)
9.       Send one video only. Keep shooting and deleting till you’re satisfied with your video. Send only the best one.
10.   Corp member are allowed to shoot and send the videos in groups i.e 1 whatsapp number/phone can send multiple videos of different people, if they so wish. But each video sent via whatsapp or email, must have its required details attached, so the NYSC videoCV can be identified. Any VideoCV without details will be discarded
11.   Save the best video in your phone and send to us for editing via this whatsapp number 07065245969 or via Email: nyscvideocv@gmail.com.
12.   Very important: Alongside your video, send the following details: Your key number on the paper slip, name, nysc state code, nysc local government, phone number, course of study e.g hnd agricultural science including degree awarded like mbbs, bsc,btech,b.eng,B.ed etc) higher institution attended, and Email address.
13.   For Whatsapp users, Send details separate from the videos i.e do not attach the details to the videos.
For all Enquiry/help: Call or Whatsapp: 07065245969 or come to SAED DEPT, NYSC LAGOS STATE.
Each Video Sent Will be Edited and Processed into a VIDEOCV and Uploaded on NYSC Official graduate Job-seeker/enterpreneurs CV-Databank, for RECRUITERS/INVESTORS/GOVERNMENT to access.
If you want a video sample sent to you, as a guide, ask us via whatsapp number and email above.

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